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A Man and His Pony

Katie, Western Australia
March 2002

This story happened to my mum and I. We live on a seven acre block in rural western Australia, our house used to be an early settlers cottage but it got pulled down and now all that's remaining is two walls (which form part of our house) and some steps.

The experiences that we have had at our house had started a few months ago. One night I was in my room trying to get back to sleep, it was around 10:30 PM when I heard someone walking around and shuffling papers around in the sitting room (the walls of the first cottage for two walls of the sitting room so this might have something to do with it), at the same time my mother and I called out "is that you?" my mother had thought it was me walking around and I thought that it was her. Then my dog jumped off the bed, ran into the sitting room and started to bark at something near the door. We were pretty scared that night and did not get much sleep. After this a few small things happened, the dogs electronic toy turned on all by itself, the computer turned on just after I had turned it off and the dog going to attack something that we can not see. I also experienced dreams were I was levitating off the bed.

All of these things are strange but the strangest thing of all happened to me just the other day . I was grooming my horse when all of a sudden I had the urge to look up, I looked up to where the house was and I saw, as plain as day, a man patting a little white pony. I blinked and the image had gone, I was startled but not scared. The man was above average height, quite old and he was wearing overalls over a checked T-shirts and he had muddy knee-high boots on. I noticed that after the image had disappeared, my horse and pony had been looking in that direction to.

I don't think that the ghosts will harm us as they seemed gentle spirits, I look at them as being our friends and I hope that they will accept us soon.

Thank you for taking the time to read my story.

Katie, Western Australia
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