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A Man From The Past

Kimberly Hoover, PA, USA
December 2001

When I was around 13, (I am now 15), My parents, brother, and I had lived in a house that was at least 189 years old. It was a pretty house for an old Victorian, but there was more to that house that met the humans ability of sight.

My experience took place on a warm summer night. There was a soft breeze blowing my curtains, that hung as a doorway to the balcony connected to my room. I had just come out of the shower, and I was drying my hair. I went outside and stood on my balcony. When I went outside, I moved one of the french doors to the side, and leaned on the banister. I looked at the stars, and then heard the car engine start up, my parents and my brother were going out for a little bit that night. Since it was only 8:00 they said they were going to be gone until 12:00. Which was ok. I wanted some time to be alone, and think about things.

I waved goodbye to the three, and watched as their car went down the road. I walked inside, and sat on my bed. I got dressed in my nightgown, and went down the long spiral staircase leading to the livingroom. I had just sat down on the couch when I heard a loud banging coming from the staircase. I was a little creeped out to say the least, but being the curious girl I was then, and still am now, I got up and grabbed the closest thing I saw, which was the TV remote.

Bewildered as to why I grabbed the TV remote, I moved on and went to the staircase.

When I reached the staircase I came face to face with the strangest site. There on the spiraled steps was a young man in his early twenties sitting on the steps thinking about something.

"Can I help you?" I asked
The man looked up, and smiled at me, he motioned for me to follow him. It was as if I was hypnotized or something, but I followed him.

He led me upstairs and entered my bedroom. Completely terrified I still followed. The man sat down on my bed, and I watched him point to the closet door frame. I >walked to were he was pointing, and looked around, to my complete and utter surprise I saw an old engraved name that said "Gavin, October 16, 1824"
When I turned around the man was still there. I looked at him, and said,
"Your name is Gavin?"
He had just nodded. He then waved and disappeared.

He never showed his face or physical form again, but he definitely let me knew his was there. I obviously had encountered him the most, since my room was his bedroom at the time he was alive.

I would see an imprint sitting on my bed, I knew that was him. Or sometimes I would leave something sitting out then turn round, then face the object again like a second later, and find it back in it's original place. Just little things like that.

I am now 15, and we have long since moved from that house, what I wonder the most is, is my ghostly friend still there, or did he find his place in the afterlife?

Kimberly Hoover, PA, USA
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