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A Man with a Hat

Luxembourg, Sweden
April 1998

When I was a little kid, About four years old, I went on vacation with my grandparents to an old house that belonged to one of our relatives. This old house belonged to my grandma's aunt, she was alive at this time. This house is famous for ghost stories, there are millions of them like this that happened. Here's the story:

I was sleeping in the upper floor of the house, it's like a little tower, that was bigger in older times but somebody renovated it and made it shorter. It was built in the 18th century by the people who fought with the Spanish coloners (It is in Puerto Cabello, Venezuela). I was sleeping there with my grandparents and I woke in the middle of the night. When I opened my eyes I saw a man standing in the door with his arms raised and with a hat on. There was only one man in the house, my grandpa and he was sleeping in the bed next to me. I began to scream, my grandma told me there was nothing there, that there was no man. But I could still see him.

Years went on, and I asked to my grandma if she could remember what happened that night and she told me she saw the man too but she didn't tell me at that time cause I was too little.
(excuse my poor English).

Luxembourg, Sweden
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