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A Monkey On His Back

Gina, TX, USA
July 2003

I don't know if this qualifies as ghost story, but it was definitely scary.

This happened to my uncle a few years back. My uncle was an alcoholic and would constantly spend his weekends hung over.

Well on one particular weekend he was suffering from a hangover and the flu. He was passed out on the coach asleep when he woke up all of a sudden. He sensed that someone was looking at him, but there was no one in the living room. He was about to fall asleep again when he noticed someone sitting on the balcony.

The person had a human form but as he glanced up to see this things face, he nearly died of fright. The thing had a human body but a monkey's face. And the scary part was that it pointed at him and said "I'm going to get you."

He was so scared he ran out of the room and called my aunt. But of course when my aunt went to go look nothing was there. She passed it off as a delusion of some sort.

Well my uncle died a year later from cirrhosis of the liver. My aunt was still in mourning when my uncle's brother and wife went to go visit her. (My uncle's brother was also an alcoholic) Anyways that particular night he slept on the sofa bed overlooking the balcony.

He also felt someone staring at him and when he glanced up to look at the balcony he saw this hideous monkey thing too. He did not believe what he was seeing so he reached out and turned on the lamp, but the thing had disappeared.

The next day he told my aunt what had happened and my aunt broke down and cried. She said that that was the exact same thing my uncle had seen. My uncle's brother took this as a sign to stop drinking.

A year later he is still sober and credits his sobriety to the monkey-thing he saw.

Gina, TX, USA
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