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A Mysterious Ghost

July 2006

About a year ago I started to notice the presence. I would always feel as if somebody was watching me, especially when I would go up the stairs. Almost every night (this occured about once every three nights) I would wake up and have scratch marks on my leg. I could sence that this presence did not like me.

One night I was reading in my bedroom. There was a noise in the hallway. I looked down to the floor (my bed is a loft bed) and noticed that my desk chair (or computer chair) was missing. Now it was about one in the morning, so my parents were not up yet. I had also fallen asleep after them, so I knew they could not have done it when I was sleeping. So I guess within the two hours I had been sleeping, somebody had moved my chair. I climbed out of my bed and looked in the hall, and there was my chair. I brought it back in my room and fell asleep again.

The next morning I had the scratch marks again. But something was different about these ones. Usually they were always on my leg. It had been happening for a year, so I knew that is where they would always be. But today, they were on my forehead. There were two, one that looked almost like a lightning bolt, and the other looked like the letter T. To this day I still don't know what they mean.

Time went on and the presence would do the same things, until one night.....

I was home alone (my parents went out to dinner and my brother was at his friend's house) I heard a slight noise from the kitchen. I was in my parent's room watching television like I always do when they are out. Normaly, I do that because I feel safest in their room. Well, back to the noise; so I heard the noise. It sounded sort of like a bowl or a plate had fallen, so I crawled downstairs, so terrified, and walked into the kitchen.
Nothing was out of order, everything was the same. I was relieved that there was no one there. I went back up to my parent's room and lay on the bed. I got into a comfortable position again, and calmed down. The I heard it again. It made me shoot up like a bullet.... I ran back down the stairs and started to scream, but it wouldn't come out. There, sitting at my table was an older man. He had a beard and was wearing a plaid, collared, western looking shirt. He turned his head completely around. I ran up the stairs and called my mom. They rushed home, but when they came home he was gone.

The same thing goes on now, every night. I still get scratches, I stil feel like I am being watched, and I still see him every night at the same time, 10:52, sitting at my table. By now, I have learned to live with it, but at times I still get a little scared.

It is still a mystery why he is here, but I know he will always be there, and I hope one day to solve the mystery behind it all.

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