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A Mystery

Chanelle van Taak, Namibia
August 2004

I am 23 at the moment and this story took place some seven years ago when I was 16.

My friend (M) use to live in this house in a very old suburb in my town. I went there a lot and nothing ever seemed strange to me, though she did tell me about some strange happenings in the house.

One evening my aunt and I went to visit. My aunt (who is very sensitive to the other side) immediately said that something does not seem right in the house and that she needed to leave. This confirmed that my friend was more than right about the strange happenings.

They had a safe in the bathroom closet, which seems to have been there for years before they bought the house. This safe would not open in any way, even a locksmith could not get it to open. She and her mom then asked me to help with removing the safe from the closet (this could only be done by loosening the cement around it) in order for it to be opened with some industrial tool. Strange enough after that every time we wanted to open the closet "someone" pulled from the inside to close it again. Needless to say we left the safe in peace after that.

Later I convinced my aunt to accompany me to M's house again and she agreed. M and I decided to visit the basement. It has a separate entrance outside the house, we took some candles and my aunt decided to bail out at the entrance for the same reason as earlier. Well, we went in and suddenly the door slammed close and a very cold wind blew past us. Leaving us with no light as the candles blew out. Within seconds we rushed to the door, which would not open for what seemed like ages. The door eventually opened and aunt stood there as white as a "ghost". She advised me to never do that again, not that I would. I was scared half to death.

A few weeks later me and M and a couple of other girlfriends decided to have a slumber party. That's when it started to get really weird. We were sitting in the living room when the front door opened and we all rushed to see who it was...there was no one and in front of my eyes the door closed again with the movement of the handle and all.

By now we were all a bit shaken, we decided to stick together. Thus we all went to the kitchen and stuck some chicken pieces in the oven for a snack. (It is important to know that we were all in the kitchen and saw that the chicken was in the oven.)After leaving the kitchen starting a movie in the living room, we heard a loud bang in the kitchen. We all rushed together to see what was going on, the chicken was thrown all over the kitchen and the pan on the floor. (this obviously made the noise)

We forgot about having a snack and went to finish the movie. Halfway through the movie the room suddenly lit up and to my amazement a fire had started in the fireplace. Now it was summer and there wasn't even any wood near the house, needless to say that there was any in the fireplace. I was still trying to work out how this fire could have gotten started when it died out just as suddenly as it started. We all, except for M, watched in disbelief. Well by then I had enough and called my mom to come and pick me up.

A few weeks after that M held a seance (without me, I was not interested at all) in order to find out who is in the house and what they wanted. First of all she asked the normal sort of questions and then she asked how many they are (her mom saw a few). They answered that there were 14 of them. She then asked why they are bound to the house. They had a short and simple answer: "SAFE". She asked if we should leave the safe be, and again one simple and very strong answer: "YES". Her last question was: What would happen if we do get the safe open??.the answer??.."HARM TO YOURSELVES".

After that, activity got even more intense, "someone" would sit on her bed during the night. They would bump into invisible people through out the house. A finger in the back if walking to close to a wall would poke them. And of course the closet would still be pulled close from the inside by "someone".

It got worse and they decided to move out. I would love to know what was in that safe and if the current residents has the same problems. I guess I'll never find out.

Chanelle van Taak, Namibia
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