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A Night At My Aunt's

September 2007

I was never a believer in ghosts. I always wondered about them, but I never really believed they could exist, until last week.

I was staying at my aunt's house with my family. My aunt lives in a 175 year old home in southern Ontario, Canada.
The home is very large, and doesn't look like a "typical" haunted house. I'll get right into it.

My aunt and uncle both believe the house is haunted, as do my cousins who used to live there.
The first night we were there, I went to the bedroom I was staying in. Everything seemed normal, although I did have a somewhat uneasy feeling knowing that the house could be haunted. That night I woke up at about 2am, as my light had mysteriously turned on and was blaring in my face. I got up, and as I went to turn it off I noticed that the closet doors were open, all of the drawers were open and a book was laying on the floor. I am CERTAIN none of these things happened before I went to bed.
The next night I switched rooms with my mom and dad. Once again I woke up at around that same time, 2am, and I went downstairs to get something to drink. As I was walking back upstairs I heard footsteps which sounded as if they were behind me, and waiting for me to walk up the stairs...they seemed impatient. At this point I was completely freaked out, and didn't sleep for the rest of the night.
Finally, on our last day, I was on the computer chatting with some friends when I heard a faint voice. I heard this voice about 3 times, at first thinking it was somebody else in the house, but then I realized our families had gone shopping. Once I started listening it said these words a total of 9 times before stopping "I'm going to find you". Once I realized what was going on I ran out of the house and waited for everyone to arrive.

After, my aunt and uncle told me they have experiences almost daily with a ghost named Julie. She lived in the house in the 1940's, before dying soon after her husband was killed in WWII. They don't mind living with her, and think of her as being a very friendly ghost, and even comical at times. Supposedly she was very against alcohol, and every time my uncle gets a drink, it is knocked over. He actually built a holder for beer bottles and wine glasses, however, sometimes Julie is able to knock over the holder as well.

Whenever my aunt does the laundry, Julie appears to help. Whenever the laundry machine turns off, the door will automatically open, and the laundry basket moves towards the machine as long as it's within a few feet. i was actually able to witness this, and it was very interesting. They try to talk to her, but all she says is "I'm going to find you", in such a faint tone that it is barely understandable.

After this experience I am a complete believer in ghosts, but I also now realize that they can be very friendly. It was an absolutely amazing experience.

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