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A Night At The Asylum

Yahaira, TX, USA
October 2007

My name is Yahaira and I have a tendency to attract spirits, so I wasn't surprised with what happened in the story I am about to tell you.

It was a hot day in June of 2005, we were all hanging around watching a movie, we as in my friends and I, a total of ten people.
We were getting bored when one of my cousins, Mingo, suggested we go to this house that was once a asylum back in the day. They had renovated the place and turned it into a beautiful house. Several families had bought it and each in less than a month had moved out, due to the fact that one of their family members had died during the time they lived there.

Back to my story.

We all gathered up into my truck, but first making sure we each had a flashlight. See this place is located where there is no streetlights and no other house in sight.

Once we got there we all got off and looked at each other. Even as we drove up; you could see light inside the building through the windows like candlelight. Right there was the first sign that we should have gotten back into the truck and driven away. Yet we kept on.

We passed the gate and to get to the door there was overgrown grass and bushes. As we reached the entrance we all gathered and just automatically held hands. Mind you this were ten grown people holding hands. The oldest was Mingo at the time 27, the youngest was A.J. at the time 17.

We walked into the house and turned on our flashlights and started looking around. Right in front of the front entrance was a staircase. We decided to go into the room towards our right. As we went room buy room we closed every single door, including closets and such. You could hear scampering around the floor, but it sounded too big to be rats, if it was rats those must have been some huge rats.

We ended up way in the back of the asylum to face another staircase. All along we are walking the first floor of this building when we decide to split up. Not very smart, but we split up in groups of five. One group went up the front staircase and the other the back. I ended up going up the front ones.

As we reached the top we looked down and saw a light downstairs. I called out to see if it was the other group that had gotten too scared and gone back down. No answer from anywhere up or downstairs. Then all of the sudden all of our flashlights went out at the same time. We were standing in total darkness not knowing what to do. We held on to each other harder and closer. Then I started feeling hands touching my ankles and pulling. I thought it was only me until I heard my little brother say, "Okay who is trying to be funny and grabbing my legs?" We all responded that someone was grabbing ours too. We started running and in all the twists and turns somehow we ended up going down the back staircase. Right as we reached the staircase we saw the other group reaching the bottom and running too. As we ran out, holding hands, I looked around and all the doors which we had closed were now completely open.

Right before we reached the main entrance I felt a sharp pain on my shoulder. We ran out of the building and jumped into the truck. Right when we jumped into the truck the flashlights turned back on. We then drove through the alley behind the asylum. Here is where it gets weird.
When we were inside we didn't see any windows in the back just a brick wall, but when we drove through the alley there were windows in the back and a outline of a man looking out of the window.
It seems there was a part of the house we never even reached.

When we reached our house and we all had settled down I still felt pain on my shoulder. I pulled my shirt down and to my surprise there was a bite mark. You could clearly see the teeth marks. It had broken my skin and bruised me really badly. This mark stayed for about three weeks.

Later that week I went to the library to research the asylum. The librarian was very helpful. She showed me the city plans on the house. Sure enough there was another part to the building. She told me it was said to be the part of the asylum where they did all sorts of cruel tests and treatments on the patients. It had been shut down because one of the doctors was doing tests that were way to cruel and a lot of his patients died undergoing his treatment.

Another thing I realized was while looking at the floor plan of the building was that there was no way that by going up the front stairs could you reach the back stairs, because it was two different separated parts of the building. So how we ended up coming down the back stairs is a mystery?.
One thing we are sure of is that when we got bored form then on we found other things to keep ourselves occupied.

We never did return to that building. It still stands today in that very place with no lights or houses near.

Thanks for reading my story.

Yahaira, TX, USA
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