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A Night To Remember

John, Texas, USA
May 2000

Afew years back when I was first starting to become interested in the supernatural and the occult I was involved in a group that for fun purposefully went out to find things that were strange, unexplainable and just downright weird.

Well we had received word that we might be able to find one such place several miles outside of the city limits back off in the woods. It was rumored that an old satanic cult used to have ceremonies at a clearing far back off of one of the farm roads. Well after checking some sources one of the guys (and all names are changed from here) Sam knew where this place was. Four of us; Sam, Jake, Mike and myself all piled into Sam's car and headed off on our adventure. Well after we found the road we realised that the only way to really get back down into the place was to drive backwards so that you could be assured that if you needed to get out of there in a hurry you would not have to back out all the way, and the distance is more than a quarter of a mile down a very narrow dead end road with no turn arounds. After the backward trip into a completely pitch black backwoods dead end we were getting pumped up to get rolling when all of a sudden I get hit with this wave of complete and absolute dread and fear. Jake and Sam had already exited the car and gone to the edge of the woods and Mike and myself were getting the last of the flashlights and stuff together. I looked at Mike and told him I cannot go. He starts to protest that we were all in this together and that staying would just be chickening out. I told him I did not feel well about this and he too admitted to be a little shaken but it was not going to stop him. A second later Jake and Sam ran back to the car and jumped in looking at me and say "hey you can't stay by yourself in the car!". What was strange is that there was no way they could have heard my and Mike's conversation since the windows were rolled up and they were already some distance from the car. They both told me that they had got this overwhelming sense that if we were to separate then something terrible would happen. I thought to myself for a moment that would I rather be left alone in the middle of nowhere or take a risk and do what I had come for and stick it out?. So as we made our way out of the car and started walking back up the trail into the woods we all stopped at the same time and listened. We started hearing the growling and howls of several dogs. At first they were in the distance but they quickly started closing in. We all looked at each other and without a word we all started running back to the car. As soon as we jumped in and closed the door we started to hear crashing all around us coming from the woods as if many different someones or somethings were about to crash down on us at any moment and the sound of dogs barking were right behind us. Sam hard trouble getting the car started at first because he kept fumbling the clutch but he finally got it and we tore up the road about 200 yards and stopped to see if anything was following. We could not see anything with the flashlights but we definitely heard the dogs closing in right behind us. Sam gunned it and right before we made it to the end he stopped and we yelled what the h#*! are you doing?!!? In front of us the road was covered in a huge swath of some dark red liquid. The dogs were catching up right behind us and we could still not see them but as Mike and myself were looking out behind, this figure in a dark brown or black robe passed right behind the car and that was when Sam gunned it again!!.

The next day we came back with several people only to find a couple of dog tracks and all else peaceful.

Thanks for reading. I have had other experiences since then and will relate them from time to time here.

John, Texas, USA
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