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A Pack of Ghosts

Kris, Oregon, USA
February 2005

When I was about 13/14 years old I lived in a pretty normal house in Houston, TX. There wasn’t anything weird about it or it wasn’t built on a sacred ground or anything like that. It was a simple brick house in the middle of a concrete jungle.

I had lived there for a good 10 years with my mom, my brother, and my step father. The first couple years after my mom and I had moved in nothing happened, but about 4 years after we moved in things started getting kind of strange.

I remember one night while sleeping I was awoken by a woman’s voice calling me name. at first I thought it was my mom and something had happened so I called out to see what she wanted and she replied with ," what are you talking about?" that in itself freaked me out. This happened for about a week then suddenly stopped.

After about a couple days after that happened my TV would shut off by itself at exactly 2 am but only on certain channels and certain days of the week. The reason I knew this was every night I would sleep with the TV on otherwise I wouldn’t be able to sleep. After figuring out what channels the ghosts didn’t seem to like very much I always made sure it was never on those channels before I went to sleep.

In that house there were several times I saw shadow people and every time it happened I was alone in the house and it would be very late at night. I always saw them upstairs in the hallway. The stairs were connected to a small hallway that had my brothers room on the left right next to the steps, across from that was my mom’s room and just down the hall was my room on the left. In between my room and my little brothers room was the bathroom. From the bathroom you could see straight into the hallway.

I remember I would be in the bathroom bushing my teeth or looking for something and I would look in the mirror and as soon as I looked up I would see the shadow people walk my the doorway and down the hall. There were 3 different ones that I would see at different times. There was a tall skinny one that was the one I saw the most. Then there was a little one it kind of looked like a little dog but who knows. The 3rd one you really couldn’t tell it was just a cloud of black that would hover by every once in a while. I only saw the third one about twice. The other 2 were more willing to show themselves.

My little brother even had a run in with one of them. He was about 3 years old then and one night he ran into my mom’s room telling her that aliens were after him. He said he saw a glowing light in his room and from that night on he slept in our mom’s room for a while after that. At the time I didn’t realize he was talking about the ghosts we had in the house. We thought he was just seeing things because at night when cars drove by you could see the headlight though the window but somehow it was different but then again maybe it was just the headlights and him being a little kid.

We never got hurt by these ghosts. They never showed us that we weren’t welcome. I think they were just curious to see some new people in the house even thought it took then a while to show that they were there. The strange part about all this is that I was the one that primarily saw them but I never said anything to my parents. They would have thought I was out of my mind.

Kris, Oregon, USA
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