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A Parnormal Life

Lina, CA, USA
October 2003

I have had many experiences with the paranormal, but I have always attributed that to living in a haunted house. Let me explain by saying I have lived in the same neighborhood for most of my life. Sure we would move out of one house, and into one across the street. But it was always in the same area.

My first encounter was when I was 6. My family had just moved into an old and creepy house. I new things weren't right when I began hearing footsteps late at night. These footsteps were so loud they would make the windows vibrate. I would also hear loud scratching noises outside my window, but being on the second story I knew it was not a cat.

As time went on I began to feel more and more frightend of that house. I could not bear to sleep in my room, due to the fact that a woman would appear at night by my bed and walk straight into the closet.

My mom offered to trade me rooms, which I gladly accepted but she lasted less than a month in it. Her excuse was that she realized the room was to small for her. But I suspect that the lady paid her a visit.

Well in about 3 years we moved out and into a house across the street. I was glad to be moving out and eager to leave all the paranormal activity behind. But what I did not know about our soon to be new house was that the previous owner's son had committed suicide in his room, which we used as a guest room.

At first things were normal and peacefull. I was beging to think that our new house was great, when my cousin who had gotten in trouble at home moved in with us. He stayed in the guest room. He was 16 at the time and acted very rebellious and tough. Thats why I was shocked to learn that he was afraid to sleep in his room. I would often find him asleep on the couch early in the morning. When I would ask him why he was sleeping there all he would say was that his room was to creepy to sleep in. He later confided in me and told me that he would see a dark shadow move from one side of the room to the other and then dissappear. He also said that he always had the feeling of being watched and never felt safe in that room.

Well I ignored what my cousin said until I saw it one night. It was about 11:00 and I was drifting off to sleep When I noticed a shadow in my mirror. The mirror is located in such a way that you can see what is outside the window by justing looking straight at the mirror. Anyways as I looking at my mirror I realized the shadow was outside. And it was not a shadow it was a man, mabe about 20. He was dressed in black and wearing a leather jacket. I automatically thought it was my cousin, but realized my cousin had moved out a month before. I was just about to scream when the person just disappeared. I was left bewildered and scared. Who ever that was, left me feeling sad. I could sence that this person was in utter despair. I went back to sleep without even thinking twice about what I had just seen until the next day.

Well as time went on things in that house became some what dormaint. By the time my family moved out again I was 14. The next house was two blocks up from my last house. It was a bit smaller but had a bigger backyard. I quickly choose the bedroom next to the back door, that led outside.

Things seemed alright for a while. Then it all started to act up again. It began by just having things m isplaced and then reappearing in odd locations. Like one of my favorite CD's that I always kept near my CD player disappeared and reappeared next to the bathroom sink two days later. My older brother swore he did not take it, but then who did? Then I began hearing soft whispers next to my bedroom door. It was nothing more than inaudible noises. I could never make out what was being said. Then what really freaked me out was that I heard my name being called. Whoever it was, was in my room and near my bed. I automatically answered what, but then realized that there was noone there. That was really freaky but not as freaky as what I saw next.

I was 'studing' one evening with my then boyfriend (who later became my husband) in my room. When all of a sudden he stopped talking and said do you feel as if someone is staring at us. I had been ignoring that feeling for quite some time but finally admitted that I did feel as if someone was looking at us and the direction in which it was coming from was in the doorway. So as I quickly glanced towards the door to see what It was, I was shocked to see a man looking at us. He was tall and wearing what I remember think were outdated clothes like in the 50's, but what was shocking was that from the waist down there was nothing. No legs just empty space. I let out a huge scream that must of scared the ghost off because I never saw him again.

Three years later I got married and moved out of my house and into a 'new' apartment complex with my husband. Now I emphasize that the apartment complex was built over empty land that had never been purchased. We were the first tenants to move in and I have not heard of the land being haunted. So I assumed my paranormal life was over with. But I was wrong. My husbands went to work during the daytime while I went to college. I usually got home around 2:00 and my husband usually got home around 5:00. That left a three hour gap in which I knew I was all alone.

Well on one particular day, it was around 4:00 and I was doing homework on my computer. I was just about to take a break when I heard three loud knocks outside my bedroom. I assumed my husband was home and just playing a trick on me but when I went out to invistigate there was noone there. O.K. I got a little freaked out but I just ignored it and went on studing. About 15 minutes later I noticed a shadow coming from the hallway. It was slowly creeping its way up to my bedroom. Without thinking I walked towards the hallway and yelled it whatever it was to stop. Which it did, but boy did I feel silly for yelling at nothing.

Well recently my husband has been seeing a shadow at night come creeping up from the hallway and into the bedroom. He says that whenever this happens he begins to pray and the shadow goes away. I have not seen this shadow since when I yelled at it but ocassionaly I will get the feeling that I am being watched.

All this leads me to seriously believe that it was not my old neighborhood that was haunted, but me.

Lina, CA, USA
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