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A Persistent Spirit

Emily, OH, USA
December 2004

I met this guy in college over the summer who I felt extremely "drawn" to. Later on I found he felt the same as though we "knew" each other before. He and I have been dating since. It seems that on nights I sleep in his bed I have very vivid dreams. He claimed he did not dream often before I met him but awakes with dreams nearly every morning I stay over with him.

Earlier this year I began to experience more spiritualistic happenings that have led me into studying astral projection. I have had spirits come to me in dreams before but was never ready to handle what they needed me to do so I blocked its presence until my recent exposure I've engulfed.

One night I was laying on my couch and had just spoken to this gentleman, I'll call him Mike. I have told him a few of my own personal experiences I've had and he has also told me some of his with the "unknown". It happened to be the week we were more open with the other and sharing of our "spirit encounters" and we spoke of mediums and psychics. As I lay on my couch recalling our conversations, my body began to drift away from itself (astral projection). I had never experienced this before but panicked! I figured out that if I continued to move my body then it would not be able to continue. Every moment I wouldn't move would set me off into this state of paranormal. I know I did not sleep well that night but knew that, obviously, something was going to happen or was currently happening.

Each night that I would come home from Mikes', my body would do this before I would fall asleep. I began to grasp hold of the concept but would never allow myself to experience what I was being pulled to. It frightened me too much and although the feeling I had while it was happening was always so wonderful, I knew that I was going to have to begin a whole new experience after this. I prayed for the white light to protect me and if I must face this, please allow me to be somewhere I am comfortable and able to experience it.

The next night I was sitting next to Mike on his couch and before I could realize what was happening, my body began to astrally project itself. Mike doesn't know about my "special talents" and so I could not explain what was happening to him. It was as though I was in a trance-like state and couldn't communicate. I eventually was able to move my arm and from there I looked like I had ants in my pants until I left that night.

Every night after for about one week straight, when I was at Mike's home my body would begin to astrally project itself. At some points it began to scare me because I felt I had no control over myself. I was petrified that a spirit would begin to speak through me and freak Mike out since he is unaware of most of what I've experienced. I began to pray that instead of having this feeling that I would have dreams or at least allow the spirit to welcome itself into my life on the terms that it would NOT frighten me in any way.

A day later I was sitting on Mikes' couch and to my left was a grey smog just floating there. I saw it from the corner of my eye and immediately stared at it. It just sat there, floating in the corner, but I felt so peaceful with it there. It was as though someone was there with us to protect us. Mike's cat began to go stir crazy, climbing the walls and running in circles around the apartment. The cat would come to me and jump around me and made it obvious that it and I had some sort of "secret". Mike asked me if I knew why he was acting like that and I claimed I didn't know. Once I said that, the smog disappeared and I haven't seen it since. I have not been pulled into astral projection (except once more in my apartment which wasn't a strong pull) and have not seen or felt a presence since then.

About two weeks ago, Mike and I were once again on his couch watching television and an overwhelming sensation of the chills penetrated my body and skin. I had the most vivacious goose bumps ever to the point that it made me look at Mike and say, "I just got crazy chills" his face stared blankly at me as he said "so did I". I immediately knew what this was and as I thought of what had just happened I felt the weight of a presence on my left shoulder. My entire back left side was ice cold and it sat there for the rest of the night. I never told Mike about it and three times more I got the chills. One day soon though, he and I will figure out who this is.

Emily, OH, USA
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