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A Presence At The Window

Olivia Clark , WA, Australia
March 2001

In 1987 we moved to a really nice house in Bullcreek, Western Australia. We thought it odd at the time that they were willing to sell the house at such a cheap rate. We were really happy there, but there was one room in the house that my mother and I did not like staying in. It was the spare bedroom.

Every time we were in the room it was as if there was someone standing on the balcony looking in the window at us. Sometimes it would feel as if it was in the room with us. One thing I know, my dog went in every room in the house, except that one.

We found out later that the daughter of the previous owners had come home late one night and while she was opening the garage door, her car rolled and crushed her into the door. Her father found her dead the following morning. Strangely though, my mother and I both felt that the person standing at the window was a man.

Olivia Clark , WA, Australia
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