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A Ride Home

Alex, New Orleans, USA
June 2007

I never took serious interest in considering the issue of supernatural or the paranormal existences probably because I just used to hear, re-tell and read ghost stories especially from this website once I was introduced to it by a friend, and that none of any related incidents occurred with me or I had any part in witnessing it, but that doesn't imply that I didn't have any belief in them. You could term that I was a partial believer with a few doubts on some areas that I decided to let be instead of questing the answers to the questions. But all that changed one night when I was returning home from my cousin's place.

Her computer was infected with a virus and unfortunately, it took me the whole afternoon in getting it to work properly. Anyway, there are basically two roads that can be used to reach my house and obviously depending on the time spent on each one to finally reach, I termed one as a long and the other a short-cut. Practically, it would just take around ten to twelve minutes if I were to use the longer route but the shorter one would take less then six to seven. It never occurred to me before the reason why I always preferred taking the long route instead of the short although I had used it on a few occasions.

What I have expressed below may not be a clear description of what I used to experience while I rode down that road with my bike but I'll give it a try.

Whenever I took that road, I always felt uncomfortable and highly uneasy because sometimes the road maybe deserted, but I always felt that someone or something was either watching me somewhere through the bushes and amongst the trees as I passed by or (this happens mostly) it was following stealthily and silently behind me. Whenever I used to stop and turn to look behind, I would either find other people but from a far away distance walking in the opposite direction or nobody at all. Somehow, my instincts always used to tell me to get out of that place as fast as I could. But that night was a different story, I was already more then late and I knew that my brother was worried sick at home and if I would reach home by or after eight, I was going to be in for it big time! So I decided to use the shortcut despite my instinct's knock which I ignored that begged me to even forget the thought of using it. As I began riding down the road, the atmosphere slowly began growing windy and cold that made me feel like a food item which has just been put in a fridge. With the hope of reaching home within a short amount of time, I continued further which was my biggest mistake. Suddenly, I don't know what happened but I fell off from the bike as if I had recklessly hit a large object on the ground like a huge stone of some sort. After a moment of recovery, I began realizing that things were about to or had already gone wrong.
For the first time, I had the most desperate need that I wanted to accomplish and it was to get out of there as fast as I could. I quickly got up, picked the bike from the ground and began pedaling only to find out that it useless because the chain was out. Replacing it back wasn't an option that I could take at that time because there was no light apart from the dim moonlight and the sudden fear that overcame me gave me nothing but an order of force, so I began running along with the bike.

It was just less than two or one and a half of a minute of reaching there when I noticed something glowing in the empty darkness and the sudden silence of the atmosphere. It was coming from the left hand side, behind a metallic fence. As I was on the run and just about to pass it, I saw a woman with a shiny white dress sitting on a nicely cut, huge and scriptured marbled stone that looked like a gravestone according to the angles. The woman looked at me fiercely with dark and deep blue eyes, just watching me as I was on the run and in the next moment, I couldn't believe what I saw. She didn't have eyes! Just empty dark sockets. I couldn't have been mistaken judging the darkness, it was just like a second's difference, I saw her eyes first and in the next they are missing. That just shocked me for a moment but my reflexes increased my running speed as a reaction.

Once I reached home, I threw the bike on the floor of the porch, got inside and decided that I wouldn't take one step out. After a few days of suffering nightmares and haunting's related to the incident, I began feeling a little bit better and made up my mind to forget the entire episode.

Now I am living separate, I have my own house in the city and sometimes I see things which my psychiatrist says are just hallucinations as an inflict to what happened that night, like I see dark figures standing near my bedroom door, or a woman hanging from the ceiling, but that's just hallucinations that are formerly decreasing and I am bit used to them so I do not pay much attention.

Alex, New Orleans, USA
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