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A Shadow In The Basement

Shandy, Idaho, USA
July 2007

My experience is one that I and my older sister share.

In 1997 my sister and I were sharing the basement; our beds were on different sides of the room. I was 14 and she was 16. We both had odd feelings about the basement so we would never be alone in it.

One night my sister and I could not sleep so we had our TV on. We had the volume down so we did not wake up the family. We kept hearing this scratchy sound at the door of the basement (the door is in a different part of the basement so we could not see it from the main part.) I got up thinking the cat wanted in or out, but the cat was not at the door when I go to it. So I shut the door and went back to bed to watch TV. A few moments later the sound started over. At this time our cat jumped out form under my sister's bed and started to growl in the direction of the sound. Now we knew that IT WAS NOT the cat at the door. We tried to ignore the sound but it became more persistent. After a few minutes it stopped, and we heard the door open thinking that it was our mom coming to yell at us for "making noise" we shut the TV off and pretended to be asleep, but our mom never came in so I sat up in bed to look around.
In the corner of the room I saw this tall dark man maybe 6 feet tall. I would describe him as a shadow with a tall hat; the only problem is that there was not enough light to cast any shadows. The man started towards our beds. We could not take are eyes off of him and were frozen in fear. He spoke in a demonic like voice. He wanted us to go with him. We both said "no we can't our mom would not let us leave the house this late at night". He kept asking us to follow him.

After what seemed like a life time my sister and I looked at one another breaking the trance we were in. When we looked back to the man he was gone. After that we would always see shadows run past us, hear funny sounds or not be able to find things that we put down only moments before but would somehow show up after a few months of looking for it.

None of this happened in any other part of the house. Our parents told us we had over active imaginations. How ver when we moved we never had a problem or saw anything.

Shandy, Idaho, USA
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