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A Sight of the Past and a Strange Feeling

Elijah, GA, USA
October 2009

This story took place at Victoria Creek Campsite off of Altoona lake in Georgia.

Hello, I am Elijah Gurley. I am 12 years old, and this story took place October 4th, 2008. I have always somewhat believed in the paranormal, but never so much when I experienced this. Two days before I experienced this, one of my friends had invited me to go camping with him for his birthday. Some of my friends were there, too. They were Dalton, James and Josh (they're identical twins), Joseph, and Konner (the birthday boy).

That night we all went in the tent, talking about ghost stories and other things about the paranormal. We always took a flashlight and made freaky faces. I shined the flashlight over to the camp next to us (which I wish I hadn't done). I didn't spot the camp, but I did spot a large hill. The odd thing about it was that there wasn't a hill there. It was just flat ground. I told my friends, but they didn't believe me. But somewhere I remember hearing that there was a hill there that was leveled out for another camp. But at the top, where it was bare, or so I saw, there was something strange. I saw a little translucent girl standing at the top. She had long, greasy black hair with a large gash in her forehead. Tears formed in my eyes, but I blinked and they went away. Even typing this makes me nearly cry, for I have to recall the sad face and the fatal injury on such a young girl. I quickly pulled my gaze away from her. I didn't tell any of my friends, for I knew they wouldn't believe me.

But in about five minutes I told them. I wouldn't call myself lucky for them believing me, because right after I told them, I felt a feeling of dread climb over me. My heart felt like it was in my stomach, and tears seeped out of my eyes. I could see my friends mouthing "What's wrong?", but their voices were toned out by the voice of a screaming young girl. It lasted for about two minutes, then it stopped. Then it passed on to Konner, then Josh, then James, and so on, until all of us had experienced it. It happened to each one of us more than once, but mostly me. After it had passed for good, all of my friends believed me, and everybody felt like there was something of the paranormal happening. But even though I didn't share it, I thought that the little girl was among us, and we all felt her sad presence.

Elijah, GA, USA
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