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A Sign From Satan?

August 2002

First of all I want to stress that this is an absolutely true account of the facts in the matter.

It was my senior year in high school, 1972, and a friend of mine, Sonny, planned a party for one Saturday night. I was attending an all boys high school, St. Stanislaus High School in Bay St. Louis, Mississippi, and so the party consisted of mostly boys and only two girls. The party was held at Sonny's home and his mother was there so there was no drinking at the party. So for entertainment Sonny decided to host a seance around the table in the dining room. I thought this was a silly idea and so I didn't join in but sat in an adjoining room watching TV. I wasn't afraid anything would come from the seance, I just wanted to continue to watch TV. But I could not help overhearing what was going in there where they all sat in the dark touching fingertips. First Sonny called for a spirit to "show us a sign".

There were a few times when somebody obviously kicked someone else in the dark and everyone jumped up laughing before they would all settle down again. Sonny upped the ante and began to call for Satan "show himself." Of course nothing happened and it was then that one of the boys, George Derringer, a senior from New Orleans, got up and left the seance and came into the room where I was. I was not very close to George and so I said nothing to him as he walked out the door with the only two girls at the party, his girlfriend and her best friend. I didn't think anything of it at the time and the seance was dying in there. But Sonny would not give up and began to scream for Satan to show himself, "Give me a sign Satan, you son of a bitch, give me a goddamn sign!!" Well, just about then the lights went out. The whole house and the TV. Everyone ran screaming out of the room, laughing and yelling. It was a good finish to the seance, it seemed. Then after the lights did not come back on I went outside and saw that the entire neighborhood was dark. We all just sat around the seance forgotten.

Then my cousin, Danny drives up to the house. He told us that he had just come from beach blvd. He had been the first to come upon the wreck; George was dead. He had breathed his last breath in front of him said Danny. The two girls were severely injured. George had left the party and lost control of his Camaro and hit a telephone pole, on the driver's side. The impact broke the pole off about 10 feet high. That is what caused the blackout in the neighborhood. George's legs were crushed and his head was impaled, my cousin said, by a piece of chrome from the Camaro. George's death came just minutes after he left the seance and moments after Sonny was taunting Satan to "give us a sign". Coincidence? You make the call. This is a true story and if it hadn't happened I would have trouble believing it.

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