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A Skeptics Mistake

Jennifer, IN, USA
March 2011

I have written a few stories on here as I have had several experiences in my life which all started I believe with this story I am about to tell. I am more than positive that what happened that night opened a spiritual door of some type that I don't know how to shut. So this is how it all began.

When I was 12 my parents became very good friends with a wonderful older man and his terminally ill wife. They had two grown daughters of their own who were 34 and 38 and they still lived at home taking care of their mother. Neither of them were married or had any children.

Now we were very poor and so the older man who I called uncle john felt sorry for me and invited me to go camping with his 2 grown daughters and four of his grandchildren that following weekend. I can't even begin to tell you how excited I was to go camping. Like I said before we were pretty poor and had just moved into a house in a new area of town so I didn't have any friends to play with yet and was very happy about meeting the oldest granddaughter named Stephanie. That weekend turned out to be just as amazing as I hoped and I hit it off right away with Stephanie. We were like peas and carrots that summer. They invited me to go camping with them almost every weekend that summer and I didn't think twice to say yes. My parents were also very grateful to uncle john for being so kind and allowing me to not only go camping and fishing with them but also because they truly treated me like one of their own.

On the last weekend of the summer just before it started to get to cold I went with them on a special camping trip that was to last four days and was planned out to be a big deal to end up the season. The last night we were all around the fire and it seemed the perfect setting for your typical ghost stories. Little did I know this family had a big secret that I was about to find out. The oldest daughter named Kay began to tell us about very scary and even sometimes dangerous things that this entity in their home did to them. She said that besides the usual flickering lights and bumps in the night this spirit would mock her sister or mother's voice only for her to find out it wasn't them.

At this age I was very interested in what they were saying but more than anything I was pretty sure they were just making up a good ghost story to try and scare me. When the last camping trip was over I was a little sad and missed my new friend Stephanie and the two older ladies a lot. A few weeks passed by and out of the blue Lorie, the youngest daughter, stopped by my home and told my mother they all missed me to and she wanted to take me to her house to stay the weekend with them. My mother seemed somewhat torn between me going but with a little begging I was packed and ready to go that Friday after school. Before they came to pick me up my mom was acting strange and she told me that if at any time I felt scared for any reason while I was there to call and she would come over right away and get me. I couldn't for the life of me think of any reason why I would want to go home before the weekend was up.

When we pulled up to the house I felt so excited to be staying in a house that nice for a whole weekend. It was like a mansion to me complete with a pool and big screen TVs in almost every room. Back in the early 1990s that was a big deal. They had one room full of nothing but VCR tapes (this was way before DVDs, people) and had every Disney movie ever made. After they got me all settled in the guest room on the second floor Kay sat me down and gave me a gift. When I tore into the wrapper I wasn't sure what kinda game it was and surely didn't know how to use it. They told me it was an Ouija board. Since I had laughed at their stories and didn't believe in ghosts they wanted to give it to me as a sort of joke.

I put my present in my room and we watched TV and ordered pizza the rest of the night. When I began to get sleepy I told everyone good night and went to the guest room and lay down. It was so strange what I seen that night. There seemed to be about five or six small balls of light flittering around the room. The only way I can describe it is if you ever seen Tinkerbelle in Peter Pan that's what it looked like. I was not afraid of them at all though and after watching them for a while I fell asleep. The next morning I told Kay and Lorie what I had seen and they both said they too had seen the same thing many times in their rooms at night. They both seemed to be shaken up by it but it was not a scary experience for me at all.

Later that night though my opinion would change dramatically. At around ten at night Lorie suggested her and I play with my gift. So we both sat opposite of each other in front of a coffee table and Kay sat about ten feet away from us with three of the kids playing Nintendo. We began asking questions and right away there was no denying that neither of us had control over that board. The planchette was moving with such force at times it felt like it would be pulled from both our fingers completely. I asked it what were the lights I had seen in my room that night and it spelled out "I" then I asked what it was doing in there and it spelled out "float." I asked it what its name was and it spelled out "death" then it spelled out "Satan's legion." I asked it why it was here and it said "my house get out" then I asked it if my house was haunted and it said "yes it will."

But the last question I asked gave us a response we were not prepared for. When I asked it where it was at that very moment Lorie and I both heard a very diabolical thundering voice answer us and say "I'm right behind you." We both went white as sheets and asked each other OMG did you just hear that but the weirdest part was no they didn't. The only person other than me was Lorie who heard it and remember Kay and three other kids were not three feet from us in the same room and that voice was VERY loud.

Needless to say I was so afraid that night that I slept with Stephanie across the hallway from Lorie's room. At around one in the morning everyone in the house was woken up by Lorie screaming that something had just bit her on her back. We pulled up her shirt to find a fresh bloody bite mark that had sharp thin teeth impressions unlike any human bite could leave. Where the teeth marks were each one had punctured the skin but the size of the mouth was very small.

By the time I got home the next day I was so freaked out. I wasn't even sure if I ever wanted to get their house again. There was no way for me to of known then what would happen over the next six months to me and my family in our own home.

My life became a living hell and awful things began to happen to my family members. My dad was sitting at the table and suffered a massive stroke and while he was in the hospital that night my mother slept on the sofa in the living room. She woke me up and asked me why I slapped her and then realized not only had it not been possible for me to run back to my room upstairs in that short amount of time it took her to sit up but the hand print that was on her face was very large. In fact it covered the entire left side of her face. Later that week my aunt came to stay with me so my mom could be with my dad in the hospital. Suddenly she came running down the stairs in a panic and grabbed me by my arm rushing me outside without saying a word. When the police had shown up she said she had seen a man with a thick dark beard standing behind her in the restroom mirror. They searched the house and of course found nothing.

I began getting sick at this point. I would have terrible stomach pains and vomit across the room without warning. Then our bathtub would not drain and after three plumbers putting in new pipes and a long tube with a camera they could find no reason for the clog or the awful smell that engulfed the entire house. In the middle bedroom upstairs there was an old laundry chute with a wooden door about three feet tall and wide and had a small metal handle that turned like a door knob where you threw all the laundry down the hole leading directly into a basket in the basement. One night I was in the middle bedroom with my fifteen year old sister Tina and we both heard the familiar sound of the little knob on the chute click open. Then with a huge blast the door flung open and all this dirt and mud came spraying up and shot out across the room showering down on us. Not even two days later I had a friend over and we were playing in my closets, both walk-ins, on either side of my room when all the sudden both doors slammed shut and we couldn't get them open. We were both screaming as loud as we could and I could hear Michelle kicking the crap outta the door on the other side of the room. We were stuck in there so long that we both finally gave up and began to yell back and forth to each other wondering why nobody was coming to help us. All at once both doors slowly opened and we bolted down stairs. I asked my mom why she didn't help me and she told us she had just came from my room not five minutes before and both closet doors were wide open so she assumed we must have been outside.

It was so completely out of control in that house and I was sure by then it was because of that Ouija board. I knew in my heart that I had let it in. The last thing that happened there was not only the worst but we actually moved out three days later in such a hurry that we left behind a lot of our things.

It was May 28th, my 13th birthday, and I was having a sleep-over with five of my best friends. My mom had rented us Beauty and the Beastand Little Monstersand we were stuffing ourselves with junk food and soda when the house began to shake violently and there was a sound like a massive explosion coming from everywhere all at once. Then every cabinet and bedroom door began to open and shut rapidly slamming back and forth. We all could hear a very loud and evil laugh that was getting louder and higher pitched as the chaos escalated in the house. Our first thought was one of logic and we assumed it was an earthquake but as we ran to the street we realized not only were we the only people outside but an earthquake would not cause the laughing we could all still hear coming from the house.

As we stood there the people that lived across the street came outside from the noise and also witnessed the laughing and loud banging coming from inside the house. A light in the attic kept turning off and on and fear set into all of us who were looking at this house coming to life right in front of us.

Like I said before we moved out three days after that but one of the scariest things I was later told by my mom was that there was no socket for any kind of lighting ever made in the attic. The light we saw in the attic that night had to of been something other than a natural source.

Since this happened to me I have learned a few things about the paranormal. I now believe there is a difference between spirits and evil entities and one should never ever play with an Ouija board unless you truly know what you're messing with. My experience with the Ouija board that night changed my life forever and still has a big effect on me to this day. I am way more susceptible to see things, hear things and feel things that others can't and I know it's because I opened a spiritual door that can't be shut once it's been opened. I have had so many strange and scary things happen to me since that night and I have nobody to blame but myself.

Thank you all very much for reading my experience. Sometimes you can play with the Ouija and get nothing but sometimes once in a while you might reach out to something that you will later wish to god you would have left alone. By then like me it's already way too late.

Jennifer, IN, USA
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