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A Small Collection of Experiences

Jay, Quebec, Canada
June 2009

I have had numerous, and I mean numerous, experience with paranormal activity. It's merely a fact when I say I am psychic, it's not being said for attention. To keep this short I'm posting the experiences I've had since July of last year, or else this would be close to fifty pages long.

In July of last year I realized that what I was putting aside as simple 'house settling' for noises and 'forgetfulness' for missing objects were just excuses.

I personally really hate mirrors, but sometimes I have to use it to make sure my piercings are okay and that my hair isn't sticking out everywhere. The mirror is on the wall across from my mother's room. Her door was wide open and I saw the shape of a man walk into her room, thinking it was her boyfriend I turned around to politely say hi and that's when I realized nobody was in the room and what I saw was actually a shadow person. I couldn't debunk it because it wasn't just a random shadow; it was the shape of a man. Crystal clear, but black with no defining features. I saw it for only a split second and it was actually moving, I saw it walk behind me and turn into the room and everything, hence why I thought it was my mother's boyfriend. Boy, it still gives me shivers.

Later on that year I had another experience, this one includes this photo I took.

I have a dog who likes to be a bad boy if I don't give him cuddles. He jumped onto the stove and took down all the pots and tried to lick the food off them. I took a photo before I cleaned it up (don't ask why, I just did). I took two pictures a second of each other. One came out fine; the other had this line in it. I don't have a camera strap and my hair was pulled back. I spent days trying to recreate this or find a logical explanation with no results, the only thing I can figure is it's the being I've been seeing around my house.

Fast-forward to May this year and the reason I'm deciding to post this.

I woke up hearing somebody walking around the house and opening and closing doors. First, I thought it was just my mother getting ready for work until I saw it was two hours after she would've left. I got up to make sure no one broke in, since I live in a rather poor area, but nobody was there. I wrote it off to hearing a neighbor, even though I knew no one in the building was home but me. I support a scientific view towards the paranormal and, trying to debunk, wrote it down to someone turned hot water on. I finally decided to get up and had a rather hard time closing my futon, which can just be the springs getting jammed, if it wasn't for the fact I felt someone get off the futon before it closed. Then, I had the urge to look behind me. I collect Halloween decorations, I love that day. I have these decorations the light up and make noise if you put batteries in them and flick a switch. The switch barely moves. It's pretty stuck because I never turn them on. I also removed the batteries because I didn't want them to leak, so imagine my surprise when I see the Halloween tree lit up regardless of the fact it had no batteries in it. That switch can't turn itself, let alone light up with no batteries in it. That, I still can't explain whatsoever.

Those are the major events as of late, I've had plenty of little ones, such as seeing shadow people while walking the dog (one even reached out to me causing my dog to whimper and run away yanking the leash from my hand) or seeing faces pop out of walls, looking at me. I wonder if it's because they know I can see them, or if it's something else.

Jay, Quebec, Canada
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