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A Sons Gift

Nina, MO, USA
January 2004

Ever since I was a little girl I've been followed by "spirits" or "energies" whatever you would like to call them. I would play with the nice ones, and would hide from the ones that scared me. Unfortunately, I seemed to have attracted one very nasty little bugger.

I am married now, and my husband and I live in an apartment complex. When we first moved here, we brought our baby boy with us. We lived in the first apartment for 2 months, and did many cleanings to it because for some reason our son would not go to sleep willingly....he would cry and kick and scream and absolutely fight sleep unless someone was awake, right next to him. We blew it off as him just being a baby, that he was curious about the world and afraid he was going to miss something. After about a month of living there the heater started acting up, it wouldn't warm the rooms up like it should have, and we had it up to 90 and the bedrooms were always cold, no matter how warm it was outside.

On the night of January 6, 2004, we laid our son down to bed, never thinking that he would never wake up. My husband checked on him later, because he had woken up. He changed his diaper and pulled wet clothes off of Theron (our son), then laid him down on his back to go to sleep. Before my husband could even turn around to leave the room, Theron had rolled himself over onto his tummy. My husband kneeled down next to the crib and Theron raised his head up and smiled brightly at him. My husband turned him back over and tucked a couple of blankets around him, putting his arms over the tops of the blankets. Theron smiled at him and kicked a couple of times. My husband gently kissed his forehead and told him it was time to sleep. As soon as my husband left the room, Theron was screaming. We thought he was just fighting sleep.

The next morning I awoke to hearing my husband crying, saying "No, Theron no." I ran into the bedroom and saw my son laying in his crib, he wasn't breathing. We went through a lot that morning, cops, paramedics and detectives coming and going, in and out of our apartment. What gets me is that the day before, I had wandered around the apartment, telling the dark presence to leave. "Leave you are not welcome here. You have ill intent and I want you gone." were my exact words...I repeated them several times. When I awoke to hear my husband in such distress, I no longer felt the presence in my childs room. It had left, and it had taken my son with it.

But the most peculiar thing happened to me yesterday. It was icy outside, and it was starting to snow. I was sitting at my table, wrapping crystals to hang in our new apartment, when something told me to look outside. I looked outside and just as the biggest flakes I had ever seen started to fall, I heard a small childs voice say "Mommy, this is for you." I leaned against the window and started to cry. I could feel my sons arms wrap around me as I cried and I heard him say, "It's ok momma, I'm safe where I am."

I looked over at the picture of Theron that we have on our table and his eyes in the picture seemed just a bit sadder than ever before.

Nina, MO, USA
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