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A Special Book

Rasamus, Alabama, USA
June 1998

This isn't exactly a 'ghost story' but nonetheless unexplained..

In 1991, my Mother died of cancer. I grieved terribly, my Mother and I were very close. As months passed, I got on with my life, but I always wondered with doubt if her spirit were alive and well. I have always had an interest in the spiritual and paranormal, but in the back of my mind, there was always that doubt.

One day, while at a well known book superstore, I approached the service desk and requested a book. It was out of stock and the store would order it for me. A couple of weeks later it arrived and I picked it up. The name of the book was "WE DON'T DIE" by Joel Martin. It gave an extremely convincing account of a Medium named George Anderson who is able to communicate with spirits of persons passed on. He is able to comfort the grieving and confirm the welfare of the spirit of our loved ones. I was captivated by this book. I read it in two nights and later followed it's sequel "WE ARE NOT FORGOTTEN"... And what is so remarkable about it all?? It is the fact that I had no idea that this book existed when I asked for it. And no idea WHY I wanted it.

Rasamus, Alabama, USA
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