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A Spirit With Holes

March 2004

This story must of happened around 7-8 years ago when I was very young. My parents would tell me it was all my imagination, but I know for a fact that I was NOT dreaming.

It all started on a normal night. My mum as normal had taken me to bed and was setting up my tape-player as I liked listening to music while I was trying to sleep. I very much remember this part of the experience, I was just dozing off when my tape started to go all funny and squeaky, so, as any child would, I got out of bed and switched it off. I then called my mum and asked her to check the batteries. She told me they couldn't have run out because she had just put them in so she just switched it back on and it began to work normally again, so I got back to bed and closed my eyes.

I listened to mum walking down the stairs and close the living room door, as soon as she did the player went all squeaky again but this time I tried to ignore it. After a while it went back to sounding normal so I relaxed a little. About five minutes later the whole thing just suddenly switched off. Again I got out of bed and started to shake the player, I then realised that the switch by the plug had been turned off by someone, or something. By now, as you can imagine I was totally freaked out so I yelled for my mum again. She came upstairs and put the tape player away in my drawer. After that I managed to get to sleep.

I woke up later for no reason at all and when everyone else was asleep. All of a sudden I heard a tap on my door and my eyes darted over. There, coming from underneath the door was a white mist, it was just creeping under my door into my bedroom. I lay there terrified and watch it seep through. After a while the mist was just bobbing in front of my wardrobe, which is by my door. It suddenly started to kind of transform into the shape of a person, apart from that, this 'thing' had holes in the shape, like empty spaces all in the body. I screamed down the house and both my parents came bursting in the room. The mist had just...vanished.

I never really thought about it until today really so the other week I went to the library and looked up some history on my house. I didn't find alot but the one thing I did find out was that sixty years ago a man was shot in my house seven times and died, obviously.

When I told my mum about this she really freaked and put the house up for sale straight away. I never went in that room again so I moved into the spare room, and I never saw the spirit again.

Thank-you for reading my story and I hope you enjoyed it!

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