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A Trip To Norway

June 2003

I guess you wouldn't call this a ghost encounter, but I thought what happened was pretty weird.

The places were Hamar and Geiranger, Norway back in June 2000. My aunt and I traveled there, joining a tour group that went throughout Scandinavia (Denmark, Sweden, and Norway). The hotel in Hamar, Norway was very modern. To me, the place looked like one big freezer. All the rooms had two front doors. Try to think of those connecting doors between rooms and you'll know what I am talking about. I found it a bit strange, but since it was cold there, it must have been their method of keeping rooms warm. I don't have any information of the history of the place. All I do know is that the entire time I was there, I always felt that someone was behind me. When I walked down the halls, I constantly kept looking over my shoulder, expecting to see someone there. Of course there was no one, but that was the feeling I got. It was as though I could sense someone walking up and coming right to my back and was trying to pass.

I didn't get this feeling at all in any of the other hotels we stayed in while in Denmark and Sweden. I wish I could have gotten some information about the hotel, but we only stayed there one night. No one else in my tour group felt anything strange.

The next stop was at Geiranger, Norway. The hotel was located at the edge of a fjord. There were breathtaking scenic views all around us. Nothing happened the first night we were there, nor did I feel anything strange. But the second night, I was kept awake by loud noises coming from the room above. I had somewhat fallen asleep, but was awoken by these sounds, like furniture being moved around. This lasted for almost an hour if not longer. I kept thinking, what on earth are those people doing up there?. If they weren't dragging tables and chairs across the floor, then they must have been bowling or tumbling or who knows what. My aunt who shared the room with me slept through all this. I was getting so angry that I was ready to call the front desk and complain about the noise. But luckily the noise eventually stopped and I finally feel asleep.

The next morning I mentioned the noises to my aunt and she said she didn't hear anything. I told her I was so surprised that she didn't wake up because the noise was so loud. Some other people in our tour group, who had the rooms next to us, also heard nothing. I just looked at them in disbelief. The walls separating the rooms were thin enough that I sometimes heard the person next door. If I could hear the noises, they must have too? Someone must have besides me. We were on the fourth floor and there were three more floors of rooms above us. It had to be another guest making all the noise, but what could he have been doing in the room? Did he keep moving his bed or the table and chair around and around and around? It just didn't make sense.

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