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A Troubled Passing

Pete, Pennsylvania, USA
September 1999

My friend Mark & I had known each other for over 15 years. We shared many common interests, one of which was the fascination with the spirit world. We even agreed that upon our death, we would contact the one who was still living.

Sadly, at the young age of 35, Mark was gone. I received word of his death and was overwhelmed. Due to a hectic schedule, I visited the funeral parlor during the "off" hours. The director there was a friend also. I asked him what had happened but all he would reveal was that it had been an accidental suffocation. I couldn't understand this but because of my own grief and respect for his family, I decided not to press the issue any further. I paid my respects to Mark that day, in private, and told him how upset I was with him for doing something stupid...whatever it had been.

Weeks later, I had a plumber at my house doing some repairs in the basement. I went down to inspect what he was doing, just as he lit a blow torch to work on a fixture. Suddenly I reeled back against the basement wall. I was frightened beyond words and had trouble breathing. The plumber was shocked and asked what was wrong. "I have NO idea! But I need to get out of here..." I left the basement and the feeling subsided. Never before had anything like this happened to me. I'd certainly been around plumbers and their equipment before...nothing I'd consider "frightening"...

Shortly after this incident, I found the strength and courage to call Mark's mom. I wanted to console her, but also, I was still curious as to the circumstances of his death. Was I in for a shock. Years ago, Mark & I were party people...and occasionally smoked an "herb" for entertainment. Seems that Mark still had this habit but had run out of money and resources. One day, in a desperate effort to sneak a high, he had snorted fumes from the tank on...a blow torch. He choked and it eventually took his life.

Mark had truly come back to explain his troubled passing to me. I miss you Mark. But it's OK. We see each other again, I'm certain.

Pete, Pennsylvania, USA
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