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A True Story (2)

Nichole, TN, USA
January 2007

About a year or two ago, my brother and his wife took their four boys and moved into a cheap trailer in the country (please don't make fun. He had low income and there's nothing wrong with living in a trailer).

Well the trailer was on an old battle ground alone with only one other. Their only neighbors were friendly and they had six young boys. Their children and my nephews always played and got along, so my brother Sean, was happy with living there.

Sean and the neighbor, John, got along well, and they'd spend nights together, sitting outside looking at the country and drinking. Sean and John loved to make jokes about expecting to see ghosts of old, dead soldiers from the war, since they lived on the battlegrounds. But Sean didn't think ghosts were real. Anyway, it was ironic that the men would always joke about it, because one day, a few weeks after they'd moved in, Amber (Sean's wife) was putting the second oldest boy to sleep for his afternoon nap. The oldest boy was in school, and the babies were already asleep in the living room. Well Brice (the second oldest) was lying in Sean and Amber's bedroom, trying to go to sleep (Brice was about four years old at this time) when Amber heard him start to cry. She ran into the room and lay beside him and asked him what was wrong?. He just started shaking his head frantically and his eyes began to widen. He was looking straight up at the ceiling, as if something were there. Amber told me that he looked terribly frightened, as if someone were actually hovering above him. Suddenly his eyes closed and he passed out. She thinks it was out of fear. I don't doubt that. Well just a few seconds after that, there was loud bangs going off outside, like gunshots. She looked out the bedroom window and said that she actually saw soldiers in the fields shooting at each other... And she said that she saw men bleeding, suffering and dying from shotgun wounds. She said she saw those men, as if they were there. Then Brice screamed and she turned to look at him. He was behind her crying out in fear again, also peering out the window. When she looked out the window the fields were empty, the men weren't there anymore. She was terribly scared, so she took Brice and the babies out to the van and started the engine. She was going to leave but when she looked back in the rear view mirror she saw a little boy staring at her from behind the van. He looked like one of the neighbors' boys but when she honked the horn he disappeared, just vanished into thin air. That's when she put the van into reverse and hauled out of there. She told my brother and he said it was a big lie. That maybe she was tired and seeing things. He didn't believe her...not until he heard marching in his living room on Veterans' Day. lol. That's the day he decided to move out of there.

Nichole, TN, USA
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