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A Very Creepy Cottage

Maggie, England, UK
April 2000

My parents had only been married for one year when I arrived. When I was just one and a half years old (It would have been around 1980), they decided to go on holiday to the Lake District (that's in England for all the foreigners out there!). Well, they rented a cottage and we were to stay for two weeks. Only that didn't happen, because as soon as we arrived, strange things started to occur. I don't remember anything- well, I wouldn't- but I'm told that right off, my mother asked my dad if he'd like a drink. It was Tizer, actually...she remembers it that well! Anyway, he said yes and picked up a glass while she opened the bottle. No sooner had she filled my fathers glass but it SHOT out of his hand and smashed on the floor. My mother shouted at him for his clumsiness, but they both knew that the glass had fallen UP and not DOWN!

Later on, they went to bed, and they kept me in the same room with them because it was so cold. They didn't tell each other but they were both uneasy by now. My father is such a light sleeper, he wakes up if somebody even whispers, but that night he was out like a light. This didn't worry my mum until she heard a horrible noise in the kitchen. There was scraping, banging and thumping, so loud she thought they were being burgled. Terrified, she tried frantically to wake my dad...and couldn't. Neither did I wake up. Poor mum just cowered under the covers, too terrified to sleep and the noise went on for about an hour.

Next morning, my mum wasted no time in packing our bags and we left that day. My dad couldn't explain why he didn't wake, and when they checked the kitchen, all was as it had been when they went to bed. As they drove away, my father looked back, and saw what appeared to be a figure in the upper window. Naturally, that's one holiday they'll never forget!

Maggie, England, UK
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