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A Very Eerie Experience

New South Wales, Australia
October 1998

My experience actually began about eight weeks ago. Today is Sunday the 27th September and two weeks ago I had my second encounter.

I live in an outback NSW town called Griffith where I deliver pizzas part time for a pizza restaurant. To set the scene I will describe the setting where I had my encounters. One of the streets I travel often is called Taylor Road. It runs from West to East and terminates at a t-section with Sidlow Road which runs from South to North. I always turn left at the t-section and drive for 200 meters north to another t-section with a street called Merrigal which also runs from West to East. On the other side of Merrigal Street are the grounds Of Griffith High School. I turn right at this t-section.

Sidlow Road is unusual in that it has two two lane sections separated by a grass area 25metres wide. One is a gravel road and terminates at Taylor Road while the other is tarmac and runs across Taylor Road as I have described. On my return to the restaurant from this area I drive East along Taylor to the t-section, turn left so I am travelling North along the tarmac part of Sidlow then turn Right into Merrigal and travel East again.

About eight weeks ago at about 9.20pm I was 50 meters from Merrigal Street when I noticed a large black dog running toward me along the edge of the grass section of Sidlow Street. Its eyes picked up my headlights and shone with a green glow. As I slowed to make my turn into Merrigal it raced past the car on the left. I did not take that much notice of it that time though. Sunday evening two weeks ago I was returning from a delivery by that way again. It was 7.25 pm and very dark because the sky was overcast. I had just made the turn into Sidlow from Taylor when I saw the dog again running along the edge of the grass area towards me. Once again its eyes glowed an eerie green in my headlights. I was just increasing speed when suddenly it veered straight towards my car and appeared to run straight under my front wheels. I braked hard knowing nothing could save the dog. To my surprise there was no bump or yelp of pain. I stopped the car and got out to investigate. As soon as I got out the hair on the back of my neck rose and a feeling of extreme apprehension hit me. I grabbed my torch and walked round to the left of my car but there was no sign of a dog. We have had a lot of rain and the soil at the side of the road was soft but there were no paw prints. By this stage I was in a cold sweat and every instinct screamed at me to get out of there. I raced round to the drivers side (in Australia that's the right side of the car) got in and drove. I shook for hours after and nothing will induce me to go round that road at night again. Thinking back later what really shook me was the aura of menace I felt when I got out of the car.

This is my story. I did not believe in ghosts until this experience. I still can't make sense out of it. I just know I have this terrible feeling of fear whenever I even drive past the spot in the daytime.

New South Wales, Australia
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