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A Very Freaky House

July 2003

Well since I was born, I lived in a house about a mile or two from where I live now. I moved about seven years ago, so I was pretty young considering the fact that I am now 13, but my parents has told me stories.

The house I lived in was built by I think my great grandfather about 30-40 years ago so the house wasn't that old. I'm not sure how many other families lived in this house before we moved in, but an elderly woman had lived there previously, and she had died.

One of the stories goes like this. One day when I was little, about a month or two old, I started doing some weird things. When my mom would put me on my swing, facing a wall, I would just stare. Then I would brake into a fit of giggles for no apparent reason. At first my mom thought this was just a fluke but it started happening more and more frequently. At last it had stopped until my mom had my sister and she would do the exact same thing.

This "ghost" didn't seam to like my mom very much. My mom would set down things on the bathroom sink such as a pair of ear rings. My mom would leave for a moment, to get the phone for instance and come back to find one of the ear rings missing, only to find it later on a high shelf in her closet. My mom would also set down glass bowls in the MIDDLE OF THE TABLE and come back to find it shattered when she never even heard it hit the floor.

The ghost hasn't been seen by many people. My baby sitter's son saw it once and so did my parents. They both saw it standing in the hallway hunched over.

Believe what you want to believe, but as far as I know this is very true!! Thanks for reading.

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