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A Very Uncomfortable Feeling

October 2006

In April of this year I began working at a daycare center. I had not yet met the cook, "John" or his girlfriend, "Jane" who both worked there. Jane's older sister had died in a car accident a week before I started.

A couple of weeks into my new job I finally got to meet the two and became good friends. John was the cook who was very friendly to everyone right away and Jane was the afternoon teacher whom I didn't get to know really well until a few weeks later.
I found out the two both lived with Jane's parents and were trying to save money to get an apartment, but since the accident with Jane's sister had just occurred, and her parents were still upset (not surprisingly) they were kind of in limbo.
In July a new girl, "Fran" was hired and she and I became good friends too. We really liked to scare each other with ghost stories and I introduced her to this website.
One day John overheard us talking and came in to the room while our toddlers were napping and shared this story with us:
Ever since Jane's sister died the house where he and Jane lived in always felt uncomfortable for him. He sometimes felt as if someone was staring at him and cliche things like that. Jane's brother and young nephew also lived there with them and the little boy was super-close to his now deceased aunt.
One evening Jane asked John to go up to the little boy's room and charge a video game player before it lost power completely. This was the same room that Jane's sister slept in, she and the nephew shared the room. So John went upstairs to plug in the game, but just as he was about to turn on the light he saw the little boy sleeping under the covers in bed. Not wanting to wake him, John blindly felt around the T.V. and wires to plug in the game. As he was doing that he became very nervous and that uncomfortable feeling came over him again, the staring feeling was very strong. He finished as soon as he could and quickly came down the stairs. He then told Jane that he didn't know if he plugged in the correct wire because he did it in the dark since he didn't want to wake up the nephew. He also told her that he felt uncomfortable like many times before. Jane looked at him funny and told him that the nephew was with his father watching T.V. in the downstairs living room!

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