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A Visit from Great-Grandpa

September 2002

Hi, my name is Cici, and this is my experience.

When I was thirteen my great-grandpa passed away in his nursing home room. (Also, before we move on, let me tell you that my grandfather lost his legs when he was younger, and also had suffered a stroke, which is why he was put in a nursing home.)

I remember seeing him the day before he passed. He had acute Alzheimer's and he couldn't remember anything or anyone, but when he saw me he said something to me that almost brought me to tears, except I didn't want to cry in front of everyone.

He said to me in Spanish, "You're very beautiful, little girl." I told my mom I had to leave. She said we should stay a little while but we would leave soon because she didn't want to remember him this way.

I remember him saying things like "Look at the little birds!" and pointing to the window, even though I was nighttime, and he would ask us if we could hear the singing or see the angels or if we could see relatives who had long since been gone. After that, my mom said we had to go.

Soon after, he passed away and was buried in a very nice and colorful little place that he would have loved.

Not long after his funeral, I returned to his little room to help collect his things, and my grandmother (my great-granpa's daughter) said that she would be back, she needed to get a drink, but I knew why she had to go.

I just continued collecting his things when all of a sudden I fell a stream of cold air pass by me. The whole room didn't get cold, but just a little moving bit of cold air was in the room. It would move slowly from one spot to another, as if checking everything out. The curtains separating the room into two smaller areas would move a bit like when someone passes by and the breeze moves them. Then it came to rest near a chair by the window. I know it stopped there because I was right near the chair. I was scared out of my wits and couldn't talk, I just stood there holding his rosary and pocket bible, my mouth agape. Then in my head I heard my great- grandfather again, whispering "You're very beautiful, little girl." and then the cold spot was gone, just as my grandmother walked in.

I haven't told her or anyone else yet, and I don't intend to because his death is still fresh in our memories, as it was only last year. But I know for a fact and have known since I heard the whisper in my head that that was my great-granpa visiting one last time.

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