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A Visit From Mother

Helen M, California, USA
October 1999

Five years ago in 1994 my grandfather on my mother's side was diagnosed with Leukemia and Lung Cancer, the doctors told us that there was nothing to do, not even chemotherapy, and that he was only going to live one month, we were devastated. He had lived with us since I was born and I am the oldest child, so when my parents got divorced he became the father figure in the family. The doctors told us that he would be better off at home spending his last days with his family, and since my grandfather hated hospitals so much, and didn't like being away from home, we decided to bring him back.

We arranged his room with a hospital bed , the ones that you can position any way you want, and we put tile instead of the carpet he had, because it would be easier for anybody to clean his room without bothering him with a vacuum, and well it just seemed easier, and we all needed that.

Our house is a two storey house and it was built by my family about 15 years ago, so we can say that this house has no history, my grandfather's room is downstairs, because he had a problem with his legs after an accident and it would have been difficult for him having to use the stairs.

Well one night it was around 2:00am and we were all asleep, me and my sister decided to go sleep with my mom, because we were scared, I was 22 & my sister 18 , so you can say we were VERY scared, but I really don't know why, we just felt scared with no reason at all. Anyway since my grandfather was so sick and could not get out of bed (because of his illness as well as the problem he had with his legs) we had to use one of those baby radios the ones that you can hear what is going on in another room, so that he could call us in case he needed something, suddenly my mom woke us up and told us to listen to the radio to see if we could hear something, we started to listen and we heard footsteps in his room, they were kind of small footsteps , like if an old person was walking, but as I explained before, he was not able to walk, he couldn't even get out of bed because it was to high and he was not able to reach the buttons to move it, after that we started to hear a conversation between my grandfather and another person but we were not able to identify neither the voice or the language, but they were indeed having a conversation and the other voice was of a women. By then the three of us had heard everything and we where really scared, we started crying and praying, and we wouldn't go downstairs because we were paralyzed with fear. After a couple of minutes of hearing all of these noises he called out for my mom and we were still really scared but we realized that he needed something or else he wouldn't have called her, so we headed downstairs grabbing each others hands and we got to our grandfather's room, when we got there we just paralyzed in front of the door, we found him sitting in his favorite couch, we tried to move him back to the bed but he told us that he couldn't walk, we asked him how he got there and he told us that his mother was there visiting him, she gave him the medicine and got him on the couch, because she knew he would be more comfortable there, we where shocked to hear that because by then we realized that we felt something in the room but we didn't hear or see anything else.

He died that night on that couch and we have been hearing and seeing a lot of things in the house, but that is another story.

Helen M, California, USA
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