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A Visit From My Mother (1)

Luci, IL USA
September 2000

Well my story isn't a ghost story but it is something that always comes to mind once in awhile.

I was 18 years old living in Mexico, in the house that my mother had recently purchased.

One night I was in my bedroom close to the corridor on the side of our house. My dog Jokker stays and sleeps back there usually. When all of a sudden I heard my dog getting all excited, like as if someone were playing with her. Now my dog isn't friendly with any of our visitors, she will only let one of our family members pet her. Which at the time I thought was very weird since I lived by myself. Then I heard my mother's voice saying "Jokker, Jokker" like she normally did when she would come down and visit me. The only thing that I could think of was that she must've been having her Out of Body Experiences. Which when I was a child she would tell me that she visited certain places during the night, when she was really worried about something. I called my mom the next day and asked her if she had a dream about Jokker that night, she just said "yeah I just came to check up on you guys to see how you were doing."

Thanks mom, next time just knock.

Luci, IL USA
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