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A Visit From My Mother (2)

Sheri Ferguson, OK, USA
July 2002

I just read "A Visit From My Father-In-Law"{July 02} and talk about deja vu! I got chills reading it because it seems to validate an experience I had this past Christmas involving my deceased mother, Myrna Oliver.

My mother passed away from complications resulting from chemotherapy in June 2000. This past December about three days before Christmas I went to bed but had trouble falling asleep and kept watching the clock. I looked at the clock and noticed that it was 10:30 and suddenly I rolled over onto my stomach. I seemed suddenly to go into an incredibly relaxed state, and suddenly I was standing in the large entry way of my house and looking at a woman whose face was turned slightly away from me. She was sitting in our green recliner. I immediately noticed her clothing. She was wearing socks and loafers, relaxed jeans, and blouse and a sweater vest. I thought , " She's dressed exactly the way my mom used to dress!" Then the lady in the recliner turned her head towards me. It WAS my mother! I cannot express this any clearer than this, I WAS looking at HER. It was REAL. I had not laid eyes on my mother for two years since she had died, but she looked as real as any other human being could look. My mother did not say a word, but smiled sweetly at me, and just exactly as in the other person's story started to fade away to nothing and left the chair empty!! I than thought, "This is strange, because I know I am not asleep!" Suddenly I felt my entire consciousness shift back into my body and I immediately opened my eyes confused but excited because I had just seen my mother! I looked at the clock and only two minutes had passed. It read 10:32.

I tried to tell my husband about it and he was skeptical. I am not. Especially after reading the other story. During the week following, two seperate occasions I thought about making a phone call to my mother, only to realize I couldn't because she was dead! That is how real it was.

By the way, my mother passed away right before we found this house. She had never been here in life, but she has been here in SPIRIT!

Sheri Ferguson, OK, USA
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