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A Visit From The Other Side

September 2001

This story was told to me by my dad and I absolutely believe it. I'll start with some background information as it is necessary to understand this story.

My dad's Aunt Gene's visits were always unexpected and she would usually show up in the middle of the night to my Grandma and Grandpa's house.

One night when my dad (he was then still living at my Grandma and Grandpa's house) woke up to get ready for work he saw his aunt Gene in the living room watching TV. She was turned towards the TV so he didn't see her face. He looked at her and said "Hi" but she didn't respond. He walked to the closet to put on his shoes. He told me he felt her eyes on him and heard her chair move but he never looked up at her. When my dad got home he asked my Grandma where Aunt Gene was. My Grandma told him that she wasn't there and had gotten a phone call saying that aunt Gene had passed away 2 weeks ago. Then my dad told her that he had seen her watching TV last night and then my Grandma started crying. That's my story and I hope you enjoyed it.

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