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A Visit From The Previous Owner

Bob S, Wisconsin, USA
August 2002

What you are about to read is a true story which happened to my Great Grandmother...

At the time of the story, my great Grandfather had just passed away. They both lived in a very large house. Because of his death, and their children moving away, my Grandmother was forced to move into a smaller house.

After searching for a while, she found a nice, but small house on the south-side of Milwaukee. She liked it, so she moved in.

This is when it all began...

She was knitting in her living room, and a man entered into the house, through the front door, and proceeded past the living room, up the stairs to the second level. My Grandmother, engulfed in confusion, followed the man, repeatedly asking who he is and why he is in her house. The man, dressed in a brimmed hat and a suit, did not answer. She followed him all the way up the stairs, and into one of the bedrooms where he vanished into "thin air", but she didn't see him dissapear, so she searched the the house, and came to the conclusion the he had climbed out through one of the windows.

The next day, it happened again. The same thing. The man entered into the house, proceeded up the stairs, then vanished.

Even more confused, she went to the neighbors house, and sought out help. She explained what happened, and what the man looked like. One of the neighbors took out a picture, and said, "is this the guy?", my Grandmother said "Yes, yes it is. How'd you get that?" The neighbor said, "This is a picture of the previous owner. He's been dead for 10 years.

This story is absolutely true.

Bob S, Wisconsin, USA
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