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A Voice, A Pair of Legs And A Girl

May 2006

This all started happening about 2 years ago, when my family and I moved into our new house.

Everything was normal at first. We were building the house at the time. Some workers and some of my dad's family members came and helped out but there is a small room under the house and for some odd reason I got sick every time I went down there.
It was the smell that was really horrible. I can't really describe it but it was just disgusting. When everyone left, my mom said that there was still some rooms that needed to be painted so I asked them if we could camp out in the house instead of going back to our small apartment. My mom told me that it was a great idea, either though the house had no electricity.

I got sick once again when I went back to that room. Note that I was the only one who got sick in that room and I was the only one who could smell the horrible odor.
There was also a small crack in the bricks on the other side of that room. It got so bad that on that night my brother put 20 dollars in that small crack in the wall. He said if I went to the other side of the room I could have the money. Of course like any other teenager at my age I agreed.

I went into the room at 10:30pm the smell of the room was gone but it wasn't the smell that time that bothered me, it was the feeling.
I had an eerie feeling that someone was watching me. But my brother was nowhere in that room.

I had gotten halfway across the room when I heard a voice that was too deep to be my brothers. It said in an angry tone,"You do not belong here on this land! GET OUT!" This frightened me so much I ran out of the room and half way across the house yelling my lungs out. But of course nobody believed my story. That was not the end though. It had been about 3 months since I heard the voice. The house was completely done now and with electricity. My mom was washing dishes in the kitchen. Behind her were the stairs that led to my brothers room. I was going to the kitchen to ask my mom if I could go to a friend's house when something I saw made me stop in my tracks.
There was a pair of legs slowly walking up the stairs, this was weird for the fact that my Mom and I were the only ones in the house that day.

One of the most freakiest things that happened made me not want to sleep in my own bed for a week.

I was lying in bed one night. My little sister was sleeping in the bed beside me and my older brother was sleeping on the floor. I was almost asleep when the TV in my room turned on for no reason! But strangely my brother, who is a light sleeper, didn't wake up. I closed my eyes and tried to get to sleep again. But after only about 2 minutes one side of my bed started to lift up by itself! I opened one eye and looked at my sister. She was not waking up. Then I opened the other eye and saw the image that made me lose my voice. There on the other side of the bed was a girl in a crimson red dress smiling at me. The dress had burn marks all over it. The girl let out a giggle that seemed to echo, and she ran away. While running she trampled over my brother's back. The next morning my brother kept complaining how his back was killing him.

This last horrific thing happened only a few weeks ago.
I had a friend over. We were at the house by ourselves. He told me that he was so thirsty he was about to die so I told him to go get something to drink out of the kitchen. While he was in there I was trying to find something to pull a prank on him when he got back but then I heard him scream louder than I have ever heard him. I ran to him in the kitchen and saw that he had dropped the drink on the floor, and he too was on the floor pale as a ghost itself. When I finally got him to talk he said that he saw a pair of legs run by him but their was not a body with them and at the same time he heard a voice whisper in his ear,"You do not belong here." We tried to forget what he had seen and heard but not 5 minutes later I looked out of my room and saw that girl in the red dress looking at me and smiling.
To this day I do not know why these "spirits" are here doing this to me and I have a feeling that I will never know.

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