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A Walk Past Darkness

September 2006

It was a typical afternoon where my mom wanted me to accompany her to the 7-11 down the street. My dad usually had the car so normally wherever my mom and I wanted to go we would end up walking it.
This trip to the store would be like no other. I believe in the devil, I don't worship him or anything but I do believe where there is good there is evil.

The day was gloomy and dark. The sun was out but clouds blocked most of the sunshine. To me it was a day of evil, and what I had seen would ensure it.
My mom and I were one block away from the store when all of a sudden I looked straight foward and before I knew it, it had already passed by my side. It was fast but somehow I captured a lot of detail.
The tall dark person passed by me with big steps. I don't remember looking into its eyes because it was as if it had no eyes. It was a dark shadow in form of a 6'5" person. The 'shadow' had a big dark coat on, so much facial hair you couldn't even see its face. When it had passed me I took a second to think and I turned to look back.....and nothing. He was gone...but where? The corner was a good 50ft away so theres no way that could have happened and all the houses had driveways and I would have seen him even if he had turned to go into a house. I looked across the street and nothing! Then to be sure I asked my mom, "did you see that man?", and she said "yes". She looked back to see him, "where did he go?", I asked. She then seemed to be confused as me.
Who or what was the dark man. To me he represented the devil on that dark gloomy day. It was just the vibe I got from him passing me. Til this day I question myself, is there a reason he passed right by my side?

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