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A Warm Embracing Feeling

August 2001

When I was pregnant with my daughter we moved to a new apartment and even of our first day there I felt that there was someone there. I was never afraid, the feeling I got was calming.

When my daughter was born I could feel it even stronger. It was that kind of feeling you get when your sad and being comforted by your mother. A warm embracing feeling.

One night when my daughter was sleeping in the sitting room I could see a young boy standing at the far end of the room. He looked so calm and balanced. He just stood there and looked at my baby. I got tears in my eyes because of the intense feeling of love and protection. The boy sat down on the floor and continued to look at her. Then he turned his head towards me. "Thank you" I said and he left.

The boy came back every night to see my baby. I do not live in that apartment now but I think he still is watching her. Now and then when she is sad our is crying she suddenly looks over my shoulder and starts laughing. In that moment I feel a warm and soothing feeling and the smell of jasmine. I still say thank you every night.

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