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A Weird Visitor

Marilynn Ferguson, Michigan, USA
September 2000

First, let me say that I have had a Lot of psychic/spiritual experiences. The first one was when I was about 3. I saw a State Capitol building in miniature on the floor! After that, there wasn't anything remarkable until I was about 9 or 10.

It was the summer, and I was in the back of the house getting some water for the flowers. This is not an old house, it was built the year I was born, 1968, so that means it was only 9 or 10 years old at the time, too. Also, most of the spirits I come in contact with now are of living, human origin (yes, us psychics can fly--in the spirit form--thank you!!!). But at the time, I did not have the skills required to determine the origin of this one...

Anyway, I felt someone staring at me. When I looked up, there was a figure all cloaked in black! I couldn't see his face. I asked him what he wanted. I was scared, but not because it was a spirit. In fact, I didn't realize he was a spirit! (He looked solid.) But, I had heard about "perverts", and was afraid that this guy who had snuck up so silently was one of them.

He didn't answer my question. I thought maybe he didn't hear me, so I asked again, louder. No answer. He just stood there, apparently looking at me. I can't be sure because I couldn't see the face under the hood. The bright daylight was mysteriously kept from it.
Finally, I Yelled "What do you want?!" He just kept standing there. Thoroughly exasperated, I aimed the hose straight at him. There was no response at all, or any attempts to dodge the impending blast. I said, "If you don't answer I'm gonna squirt you!" I gave him about half a nanosecond to answer and then I sprayed the Ultra-cold well water at him at full blast!
He seemed to warp back the distance of one step without moving his legs or feet (which were completely hidden by the cloak, but the fabric would have moved with a normal step). Then he did it again--but this time his image started breaking up. Then there was some sort of energy release and he disappeared!!!!!!!!!!!

I ran in the house, which required bolting right next to the place he was standing. Only hours later did I get the guts up to turn off the hose. I could have gotten my mother to do it, but for some unexplainable reason I didn't say a thing to her (maybe I was scared she'd think I was nuts--I can't remember my reasoning now for the life of me!).

Years later, I saw a picture of this figure in a history book chapter detailing old belief systems. The caption read, "The Grim Reaper"!!
But before you think I had an overactive imagination, I will let you know that the history book was the First Time I had seen this image! Before that, I had never known the imagery which went with the title...

I can't say if it was the real thing or some other spirit playing a joke on me (nobody died or anything), but it sure made an impression!

Little that I know that I would experience many more, much weirder things--things which make this look like nothing in comparison...It would take a rather large book to hold them all.

Marilynn Ferguson, Michigan, USA
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