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A West Philly Haunting

Honey Caldwell, PA, USA
December 2003

This incident happened in the year, 1982. It was a warm June night and I was up nursing my 3 month old son. Everyone else was asleep. My now ex-husband was laying beside me fast asleep and my seven year old daughter and 12 year old son was also asleep in there rooms. My bedroom was in the back and the largest.

Walking out of my room I can look straight down the steps to the living room. The bathroom is down the hall from my room on the left side of the steps, then it's my daughters room and then my son's room in the front (as a note we always put our cat out at night before going to bed).

I had just finish feeding my son, I looked at the clock it was 1:30am. I decided to go to the bathroom before trying to get some sleep myself. As I was walking down the hall my eyes caught view of my downstairs. By now I'm standing outside the bathroom looking down the steps at these large glowing green eyes, the hairs stood up on my whole body, I was frozen with fear I could not believe what I was seeing. The scariest part was that it was floating in mid-air.

After I don't know how long, the eyes proceeded to float up the steps towards me, that's when I found my legs and ran back to my bedroom and slammed and locked the door. I then shook my husband so hard to wake him up that he fell out the bed, Startled of course!.

After explaining to him what I saw he said it was the cat ...yeah right, the cat was put out....remember. So to prove me wrong we both went downstairs. My husband went to the kitchen window and there was the cat on the outside of the window scratching on the screen to get in.. So much for that theory.

Anyone have another? Because my husband sure didn't. And I still don't till this day.

Honey Caldwell, PA, USA
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