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A Whistler Among The Family

Scarlet Alison, CA, USA
March 2001

In a castle among houses in Southern California, I reside here with my family and a special guest.

Our house isn't much older than 1960 and has been renovated a time or two to be kept in grand condition. Despite it's modern day appearance from the outside, we've furnished this castle with a collection of antiques and antique furniture that we've accumulated through many years. If it was up to me, I'd say someone or something is very attached to one of these antiques.

Many spooky things have gone on here in my home, though none harmful, only mischievous and playful. Such as cd's flying off the shelves where they were stacked, opening of doors in the dead of night, muffled voices in the hallways, cat like romping noises where there are no cats... The ghost's most haunting trait is his whistle. Let me tell you a story.

I alone with my young brother sat watching TV late one evening...later I wondered off past the foyer and into the office to do some reading. I've never been fond of whistling, so I ragged my brother to 'shut up' when I heard loud high pitched whistles coming from where I left him in the living room. The whistles didn't stop... minutes later I became irate at my brother, he knows how I despise whistling. I stormed towards the living room, to find it was pitch black. "Jake?" I hollered. No answer, but the whistling continued clear as day. I broke out in an immediate sweat and stood confident in my feet...I demanded an answer..."Jake!!!" I could clearly see Jake was no longer in the room. I pretended not to be frightened and walked up the curved staircase to find my young brother in the shower. I first thought was it was an intruder. I ran to the top of the stairs and heard the whistling and footsteps on the wood floors to go along. I freaked! I banged on the bathroom door and demanded my brother open the door. He answered with a towel ranting about how rude I was, until I told him what was going on. He pushed me in the bathroom, grabbed the cordless phone and made his way to the top of the stairs where he also heard the whistles.

We called the police...I was nauseated, shaking, and crying - thinking that I would die that evening at only 23. when the police arrived they found no one in the house, all our doors were locked...nothing out of the ordinary. I left with the police to sleep at a friends house.

One week later, my mother awoke in the middle of the night to use the the cold bathroom she heard a faint whistle, but ignored it as best she could...then a whisper out of thin air "hey you.......hey you" She called out to my father to see if it was him being weird, he was sound asleep.

The same night, my aunt lay asleep downstairs in our guest room (this is where most activity takes place) She awoke to the heavy door to her room opening with a loud squeak. "hello?" she called out. She got up to see if someone was awake in the house, again...she was alone (or somewhat alone) She called out again, only to be answered with a whistle. My aunt returned to her bed, where she said a silent prayer and slept.

Many other things have happened here. Including the sight of a stern piercing face in my window. A tall silhouette standing over my brother's bed. Whispering...etc. I've learned to live with this presence and i suppose it's learned to live with us. We share this world with others and we have to choose whether to befriend spirits or fear them.

Scarlet Alison, CA, USA
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