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A Woman In The Window

Theresa and Joanna, New Hapshire, USA
August 2004

My mom has had a lot of aquaintences but none of which are as interesting as the one she saw at night a few months ago. We used to own a horse farm and she would let people board their horses there. We were getting ready to move out a few weeks and most of the horses were gone. Although my mom did allow her best friend to keep her horse there.

One night they decided they would stay up and talk. The house was nearly 300 years old and we had completely renovated it. As they were talking my mom had heard someone walking out along the house. When she quickly looked out the window, behind where her friend was sitting, she saw a figure of a woman wearing a white vail. She didn't think anything of it because she had had a few drinks and thought she was just hallucinating. A few seconds later her friend had dropped her glass and lost her breath as she looked out the window behind where my Mom was sitting. In instinct my mom immediately turned around and saw a woman standing outside the window. My mom thought she was crazy but she realized her friend saw it too. For a few moments the figure stood there and then quickly faded away.

We had encountered more awkward sightings and happenings before and after that but none as creepy as this. The house was built to the left of an old cemetary and in the back of an old pound. The deeds and history of the house is that a woman was said to have gotten sick after her son had frozen outside during winter. Her husband was an alchaholic and a little abusive at times. She had died in our attic more than 100 years ago and some of the things that people had told us before we moved to that house was that a woman in white walked around at night.

Theresa and Joanna, New Hapshire, USA
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