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Abandoned Home........I Don't Think So!

Terence J, NJ, USA
August 2001

With nothing to do, my friends and I had decided to go out for a drive to find something to do.

We came upon an abandoned house, not much of a house, but still it was something. So we went in and explored the first floor, but we looked up the stairs to the second floor and noticed that the second floor was blocked off with wood nailed down. So seeing as we weren't prepared, we decided to return the next night to see if we could get into the second floor.

So we prepared ourselves this time with two flashlights with new batteries for brightness, and I armed myself with a video camera that I was taping for a friend, again newly charged battery.

We went into the house again, just three of us this time and we broke open the wood plank keeping us out of the second floor. We went up and I started to film and did commentating as I was filming. It was a broken down empty place, that had a sticky, warm feeling to it with a bad smell. While standing there filming, we felt a cold feeling come by us. My one friend didn't pay much attention to it, but my other friend and I did. It went from breezes to just plain old cold atmosphere. A room that had to be 70 degrees was now 40 degrees. One flashlight of ours suddenly did not work and my camera died with out warning. I read that spirits shorten the life on batteries so I knew it was time to leave. But we were determined to go back.

A couple nights later with another friend joining us, we went back to the house. Everything was the same as when we left it. Armed with two flashlights with new batteries again and newly charged video camera again. My one friend who wasn't scared the first night went up first and I followed. About a minute went by and I looked down the stairs to find out what was keeping my other two friends. They asked if I heard "it", "heard what"? I asked. They claimed to have heard a girl scream near the back on the first floor. I can't say that was true because I did not hear it, so they would not come up the stairs.

Again I was documenting what was going on when the cold wind came up again. I was talking when something caused me to stop, this something was the sound of whistling on the opposite side of the floor. Startled I asked my friend if he heard that, indeed he did. It was now really cold and we were debating what to do, while the camera was still running, then we started to hear a groaning sound, a lot closer then the whistling, I felt it was right next to us. Again I asked if my friend heard it, and with out him having to say anything, I could see the look on his face, he did. Again we heard the groaning, sounding like it was right above our heads this time. Without saying a word, we were out of there. As we ran into the car and drove away, we saw that in the window on the second floor, a small orange light could be seen. On a street with no street lamps, and all flashlights were accounted for, we had no other explanation.

To this day we have yet to return to the house and we aren't planning on it either. I still haven't been able to check my recordings and see if the sounds were picked up or if something we didn't see got in the film. Needless to say, it was an experience, we'll never forget.

Terence J, NJ, USA
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