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Abandoned House

Steph, Utah, USA
December 2005

Hi there. I've been very interested in the paranormal world for a number of years now. I've moved several times and can usually sense any spirits once I get to a new place. This place, I've lived here for about a year and a half. When I first moved here, I didn't feel like there was anything actually here in this apartment or the building, but the house just to the East...

It's a medium-size house, not too big. Not too small. There's no basement, but there's two attics. (The owner of the place lives on the other side of the building I live in. I've asked him many things about this house because it's intrigued me so much.) There used to be two guys living above me, I'll call them Chris and Mike (Not only are they different names for privacy but I don't remember their real ones anyway hahaha) My sister was friends with these guys and was often hanging out in their apartment with them.

One night she came home just shaking like a leaf and I asked her what's wrong and she said that she, Chris and Mike went over to that house and found the back door unlocked, so they went inside to look around. The inside was dark, dusty, and heavily cluttered. The owner of the house has said that the last family that lived there up and left and didn't take anything with them. She said they went around and kept exploring and found stairs up to the second floor, where they found a door leading up to the attic. Once in the attic, they explored up there and Amanda, my sister, was starting to get a little scared but didn't want to make the guys think she was a "wuss" so she stayed behind them. Chris found a door leading up to a "second attic" so he climbed about halfway up and almost immediately back down. When asked why he hurried back down so fast he wouldn't say, just started heading back down to get out of that house, fast. Once outside, he finally told them he'd thought he saw a skeleton up in the very top. That's when Amanda came home and told me, knowing of my interest in things like that.

A week or so later, it was about one O'clock in the morning, and Amanda and I had gone for a walk. When we got back we looked up at the abandoned house and she suggested we head over so I could have a look inside. I followed her up the driveway and to the back door, then turned the knob and proceeded to push the door open, but something was blocking it. I thought it was just clutter or something so after struggling for a moment I just pulled it closed again. Then Amanda tried to open it, but found it to be locked. We both found this a bit strange but thought not much of it and went back home.

When we walked up the driveway here I was saying something and I saw Amanda just stop dead in her tracks, staring straight ahead. She reached out and touched my arm and said "Shhhh dooon't move..." so I looked up and followed her gaze to see a wild animal of some kind, we think it was probably a coyote, sitting there staring at us. Neither of us knowing what to do, we continued to stand there motionless when, with perfect timing, our neighbor pulled up in her car and frightened the animal away.

*A Few Months Later*

Later on, the owner of that house finally decided to get it cleaned out and fixed up so he could try and rent it out again. My mom was actually considering becoming a tenant so she was exploring the house and we asked if there was anything we'd want to know if considering renting it and the owner told us that the last family, every morning when they'd get up and start making breakfast, they would look out the kitchen window over the sink and see a skeletal being sitting on a tree stump watching them.

Upon hearing this and being curious as a cat I went over to the sink and lifted the old dusty curtain from the window to find it boarded up. I pulled a board out and saw the glass frosted over. I asked why it was frosted and he said they had him frost the glass so they wouldn't have to see the skeleton anymore. What frightens me a bit is the stump they saw it sitting on is just a few feet from the same wall my bed is against.

I hope to find out more about this house and possibly, if I can, why they saw that skeletal being there every morning, and if for any reason that has something to do with what Chris might or might not have seen in the top of the house.

Steph, Utah, USA
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