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Abusive Rumor?

Michelle, CO, USA
February 2004

All of my life I have had experiences with ghosts and things like that. I get "the feeling" every once in a while and am pretty in tune with my surroundings. But nothing I have ever experienced prepared me for what was waiting for me when I went off to college this past fall....

The college I attend is out west, and is considerably old, over 100 years old, has been known by many different names and has been host to many different kinds of students. Some not as nice as others obviously.

My dorm has quite a history, not as long as the others since its not as old as the school itself, but a history nonetheless. There has been "stupid rumors" as everybody calls them, about it pretty much since it was built. One of my favorites was one that I never expected to be real.

When I moved into my dorm, I was assigned a room mate who never showed up, so I ended up with a room of my own. I liked having a room of my own, I didn't have to worry about waking my room mate up when I had an early class in the morning, or what to watch on t.v....or what station to listen to on the radio....things like that. All in all life was going good.

Well one night I was going to sleep pretty early, because I had an early class, and was just getting ready to fall asleep when the t.v. shut off by itself. For some reason ever since I was a little girl I have to sleep with the t.v. on otherwise it will be really hard for me to fall asleep. The auto sleep was off because I never used it and the remote was on my desk right by my bed. So I grabbed the remote and turned it back on. Well not too long after I turned it back on, it shut off again! I was really starting to flip out now because I had had an incident like this at my old house and things had progressively gotten worse. So I turned on the t.v. one more time and thankfully this time it stayed on. But I could hardly sleep at all that night for some reason it was like someone was watching me and I couldn't see who it was.

The next day I woke up and got ready for school, only to find that my cell phone was missing. I always left it in its holster attached to my purse, even when it was charging, and it was gone! I turned my room upside down to find it and I talked to other people on my floor and told them to call my cell phone but I couldn't hear a thing, it was completely gone! I was running late for class and had to go so I decided I would just look for it later. I came back about 3 hours later and there was my cell phone just sitting on my bed in its holster that WAS attached to my purse when I was looking for my cell phone to begin with.

I was really starting to get freaked out and left to go visit my boyfriend in the mean time to calm my nerves and get something to eat.

Well as the weeks went on, my life was becoming my favorite rumor about the dorm, but it wasn't fun to me! The rumor is that there is a playful male ghost of a boy who died after drinking to much and he goes around playing jokes on any girl who doesn't have a room mate.

Well life went on and I was getting used to "his" little pranks, when one night I was abruptly waken up my something "sitting" on my chest. It was something very heavy, I could barely breath, and I could see the bed being pushed further and further towards the ground. I screamed and everything went away. My neighbor heard me scream, and he came and knocked on my door. He could tell that something was freaking me out and he stayed with me that night.

After that night everything just stopped for a while, but about a month later it all came back full force. I didn't understand why this was happening, I mean the rumors were that he was just playful, but now he was getting violent.

I again was woken up in the middle of the night, with the t.v. shut off, and my covers were completely off of me and on the floor. I shot up and looked around the room. Then I saw a shadow in the corner which was slowly becoming more and more human like. It started to come closer then it disappeared. Then suddenly I felt a slap accross my face and it was like my whole body was being punched all at once. I must have passed out because of fear and woke up the next morning to the worst headache of my life. I had bruises all over my body and my face was still a little swollen because of the slap I had been dealt the night before. Nights were beginning to get so bad I was forced to sleep at my boyfriends house, I couldn't bring myself to sleep in that room anymore.

There came a time when my boyfriend and I weren't really getting along and I decided to try and sleep in my room again. I thought that maybe that the ghost would have forgotten about me and moved on to someone else. Boy was I wrong! It was like every time I left it was only making him madder. I was again jolted upright in the night, only this time to be staring into two black empty eye sockets and a face with the widest, grotesque, most truely evil smile I have ever seen. It was honestly the most terrifying moment of my life. Of course I screamed again, and I left that night. I was permanently staying at my boyfriends whether we were fighting or not.

I came back the next day, for all my stuff. I didn't come back until next semester when I was assigned a room mate who actually showed up.

Nothing has ever happened after that, and I hope nothing ever will. Though I still get scared whenever my room mate is gone for the night. But I have never told her about what had happened to me in that room. I wouldn't want to get another "stupid rumor" going around school now would I?

Michelle, CO, USA
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