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After The Medium

Massie, NY, USA
January 2013

As a child, I was always fascinated by the paranormal. I have believed in spirits my entire life, as my mother used to see mediums to talk to my beloved Grandmother. My sisters and I were always doing Ouija board.

When I was little; my grandmother lived with us. She died when I was 4 years old. About a year after her death I would hear footsteps upstairs or things that belonged to her would fall off the shelf. My sister, Dorie, had an experience that scared her when she was about six. She tells it as she was in Grandmother's room and she heard someone whisper in her ear "Boo, I'm here for you." My grandmother used to call Dorie "Boo," and Dorie is pretty sure she wasn't just thinking stuff.

Now, the first time I saw a medium I was 24. I wanted to talk to my mom, who died of cancer the previous year. My sisters came along, too. The medium told us the usual; that she was at peace and loved us.

When I went home that evening to my husband and infant son, I fell asleep immediately. As I was sleeping, I heard a glass bottle fall and break from a shelf in the bathroom. I just shook it off and went to sleep thinking I'd clean it in the morning. Yet, when I woke up, there was no glass bottle on the floor. And no one had cleaned it up.

About a week later, I found out I was pregnant with my 2nd child. We had a few friends over for the event, and as I was talking to my friend Marianne, a wine glass fell off the counter, and landed perfectly standing on the floor. Our vistors were shocked, as were Shaun and I. As soon as they left, I was putting on my pajamas when a loud knock came from the wall. I just brushed it off, but I knew I was scared.

Between then and about six months later, nothing big happened, just footsteps or knocks. When I was about seven months pregnant, I was home alone as Shaun was at his job. I was doing dishes, when a dish flew from my hand and landed in the floor. It cracked in two pieces. When Shaun returned home I told him of the incident. We brushed it off again.

Three months later I gave birth to my daughter Grace. As we brought her home, I could feel the presence of my mother. t was a strange feeling. I went to see a medium again when Grace was nearly two. She told me that my mother had acknowledged Grace. I asked if she was there. The medium said she was.

Grace had an incident at four, a number which is unlucky in our family. She said she felt a hand on her back. A year later Grace told me she "saw little bubbles." I took her to our town's local medium and Spiritual center to get guided help. Grace has numerously seen "a face with lovely blue eyes and blond hair" which is the description of my mother. I showed her a picture and she said "that's the one." Mediums have definitely taken an impact in my life, and I have seen mediums many times before.

Grace is nearly 17 now, but she is getting guided spiritual help. I am definitely a believer.

Massie, NY, USA
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