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Aimee The Lost Soul

Jane Alvarez, CA, USA
June 2001

We lived in a small 30 year old home in Ventura and began experiences weird events.

One evening our 3yr old daughter started screaming and saying a dark figure from the corner was stroking her face with long fingernails.
Hanging plants would being to rotate (one at a time) while there were no open doors or windows.
When I turned on the faucet in the kitchen, the water would turn off. I'd turn around, turn the water on and it would turn off once again.
My lamp next to my bed would come on every morning precisely at 5:15 am (plugged or unplugged). The interesting thing about this was that it would begin as a low glow and the intensity would glow so bright that I had to squint. The lamp had a handle that you had to turn it to turn on or turn off.
My dog (Miska - a keeshond) began barking one night about 3a.m. and attacked something in the middle of the floor. She ran around "something" and showed her fangs and literally attacked. After that night, she never entered our bedroom again.
When my youngest was 2-3 yrs old, he would lie on his bed with his bottle in his mouth and then his eyes would start following something. Then, he'd take his bottle out of his mouth and say, "Hi Aimee." When I carried him down the stairs, he'd say, "Bye Aimee."
When we had guests, they'd ask why I was up during the night. I explained that I was not and they said they saw a female figure walking around the kitchen.
Numerous incidents of doors closing.
My husband was shaving and when he lifted his head up to look in the mirror, he saw an old lady with no teeth, approximately 80 years old. She simply floated backwards and vanished.
We saw a blue misty type female figure appear from the living room wall.
The children constantly heard footsteps in the hallway by their bedrooms.
One night I was very sick with a fever and chills. I was lying in bed shivering when I heard footsteps coming up the stairs. I heard them come around my bed and I felt the bed depress. I thought it was my husband. I instantly felt a warmness surround me. I remember feeling extremely good. A few minutes later, the hall light came on, my husband came up the stairs and into the bedroom. It was not my husband......
We eventually moved to a new home. We learned from the neighbours that the new tenants lived there for about 3 months and fled - no warning....

Jane Alvarez, CA, USA
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