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Albert Hotel Ghosts

Laticia, NSW, Australia
July 2005

I've had many ghost experiences in my life but the 'Albert Hotel Ghosts' are the ones I tend to remember the most, probably because I have actually seen them as clear as day. Most times when I see ghosts I look back to make sure I'm not seeing things and they are gone, or I see them in my side visions.

Albert Hotel is in Milparinka, in the Outback of NSW approx 300km's from Broken Hill. This town only has the Hotel, Courthouse, Barracks and one house, the rest is in ruins. I actually live in Broken Hill but visit Milparinka as my grandfather used to live there and I have family in Tibbooburra which is about 30 mins from Milparinka.

On this one weekend my Aunty, a cousin and myself went to Milparinka to do a party for a car rally that was going through and stopping the night at Milparinka. It was the night after when there was just us and the pub owner in the pub and he was in the private section of the pub so it was just us.
A few things happened while we were all cuddled up around my Aunties laptop watching some DVD's. We had clear view of the ladies bathroom from where we were sitting and during the movies we noticed that the cubicle doors on the toilets were opening and then slowly closing again, then the main toilet door closed like someone had finished in the toilet then left the bathroom closing the door behind them. We continued watching the DVD's and about 2am decided to head to bed.
As we were the only ones sleeping in the pub that night and being good friends with the pub owner we left our door open to our room that night.

I woke up several times during the night as I felt a bit freaked out like something was watching me, well something was watching me!

I woke up to find a figure of an old lady dressed in 20th century clothing standing in the doorway of our room, she was just looking at us like she was checking in on her kids or something. I thought I was dreaming at the time so I closed my eyes then opened them again and she was still there. I did this a few more times and nope it wasn't my imagination.

When I woke up that morning I told one of the workers about what happened and they said that they have had a few people tell them similar stories.

The room next door to our room is also haunted by another ghost, one that likes to play games. The owner's wife and several workers told us about one of the beds always getting messed up and one time my aunty stayed in that room with her boyfriend and his brother. My aunty was sleeping and all of a sudden got her blankets pulled off her, she thought it was her boyfriend's brother as he loves to play jokes on people, this happened a few times before she realised he was snoring his head off so she just grabbed her blankets and asked the ghost nicely to leave her to sleep. Nothing else happened to her that night.

Laticia, NSW, Australia
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