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All My Life I Saw Ghosts

Pearl Nestor, AK, USA
April 2010

I have seen ghosts all my life. I have had so many strange experiences that one day I started to total them all up and started to go far back into my memories as a child to remember the first strange episode.

I suppose the first one was when I was five years old and my younger brother was four. We would wake very early in the morning before our parents, around five AM and play with our toys. One day we noticed this strange man looking at us from around a corner, he looked similar to one of our relatives and we thought it was him so we weren't scared. We started to walk toward him and he ducked back from the corner, only when we turned the corner he wasn't there! Then we would see him from the opposite side of the room and we would run to see him only to have him go around another corner and vanish. We were playing a strange game of tag with this guy! We were too young to understand that this was a ghost, even though it perplexed us why we could see him one moment and not the next around the corners, we knew no one could move that fast.

One morning I woke up early and went into my parents room, they were both fast asleep and there was this very same man in the middle of the bed with my parents. He looked like he was very happy to be snuggling up next to my mom and he looked at me dead in the eye and smiled. I got a shiver down my spine. When my mom was making me breakfast I asked her who the strange man in bed with her was. Needless to say she was taken aback and asked "What man?" then I told her the whole story. She said that I must have been dreaming and left it at that. But my brother saw it too, I asked him several years ago if he remembers that man we used to chase all the time early in the morning when we were kids and he said he did. He remembered after all these years , that year was in 1962.

Since then I have always seen ghosts, had knocking at the door to find no one there, once walked into a bar and talked to the stranger next to me only to have him vanish before my eyes. Too many episodes. I guess some people are blessed or cursed to see ghosts. It doesn't even scare me, never did. I am just always in awe every time there is an episode. But I'll never understand why I can see them and no one else does, I'm certainly not crazy and years will go without seeing one, but sometimes I'm not so sure. I'll see ghosts as solid as real people usually, (I have seen shadows on walls of people who aren't there) so I may see them in a crowd on the street and they look like anybody else. It's usually hard to tell till they figure out I can see them and then they vanish .Thank you for letting me tell my story.

Pearl Nestor, AK, USA
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