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Alone At Night

Patricia Howard, TX, USA
March 2004

This story takes place in Whichitafalls,Texas back in the 1970's.

One day my friend and I were visiting with my aunt, when my friend mentioned that her dog had a litter of puppies and she could not find anyone to take the runt of the bunch. My aunt immediately said she would take the puppy, because she was so lonely at night while her husband was at work, and the pup would give her comfort since she could not have children of her own.

Two weeks had passed, when my aunt came to visit me again. I asked her how the puppy was doing? She told me the puppy was doing well, but that just two nights ago something very weird and mysterious had happened to her and the puppy.

My aunt was getting ready for bed and she had the puppy in a box sitting on the floor beside her bed, the puppy started whining, she went to the box to see what was wrong with the puppy. My aunt bent over to pick up the puppy, when she heard a creaking sound coming from her closet door. My aunt still holding the puppy walked to the closet, when she got to the door the puppy started growling nonstop and what little hair the puppy did have was standing straight up on its ends. My aunt shut the closet door, and put the puppy back into the box, and then continued getting ready for bed. Once more the closet door opened, and my aunt went to the closet to shut it, when she got to the door she noticed that her clothes were gently moving side to side, she quickly slammed the closet door, and jumped into bed as fast as she could and pulled the covers up to her neck. My aunt lay in bed thinking to herself, this is just my imagination, this is just my imagination, when she heard a creek again and the closet door opened again, but this time a figure that looked like a thin, tall woman with black hair came drifting out of the closet, the figure moved slowly toward my aunt who lay frozen still in her bed. When the figure reached the end of my aunt's bed, it vanished. Till this very day my aunt and I beleive that animals can sense ghosts and spirits.

Patricia Howard, TX, USA
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